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Grab several top indie strategy games cheap in this Steam sale

Some of the best indie strategy games of the last few years can be yours cheap in the first Hooded Horse Steam sale, so don’t miss out on these bargains.

Hooded Horse Steam sale on top strategy games from indie developers - A man wearing a beret, with a thick goatee and a scar across his eye, stands before a map of our Solar system.

We always love a good Steam sale, and now some of the best indie strategy games of the past few years can be yours for cheap, courtesy of publisher Hooded Horse. Responsible for publishing some of the most interesting games in the genre from smaller teams, including the likes of Old World, Terra Invicta, Against the Storm, Xenonauts 2, and much more, you can get ahead of Steam Next Fest with this Hooded Horse Steam sale.

2023 has been a stellar year for strategy-centric publisher Hooded Horse, which has revealed several new partnerships, overseen the launch of old-school XCOM-like Xenonauts 2, and continued to support its other biggest games throughout continued development in early access or with additional DLC such as the just-released Old World Pharaohs of the Nile expansion. Now you can grab some of its leading titles in this Steam sale.

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With a huge Against the Storm update rolling out last week, now’s a great time to check out the dark fantasy roguelike city builder. Or perhaps you’re curious about space grand strategy game Terra Invicta, from the minds behind the acclaimed XCOM Long War mod. There’s all that and more to discover, so check below for the full list of discounts.

Along with the deals, Hooded Horse announces that it’s publishing upcoming sci-fi tactics game Every Day We Fight, from developer Signal Space Lab. This roguelite game blends real-time exploration with turn-based combat as your band of freedom fighters attempt to defend their world from alien invaders in a grittier, more grounded spin on the XCOM formula.

The publisher has also revealed new details for some of its other games, including details on a Mars Tactics demo for Steam Next Fest, teasers for Sons of Valhalla and Breachway, new progression details for Blacksmith Master, and a water tech deep-dive for Nova Roma. Be sure to check out the publisher’s sale page for its full roster.

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Hooded Horse Steam sale

The Hooded Horse Steam sale runs Thursday October 5 to Thursday October 19, 2023. Here are all the discounts you’ll find at the official sale page on Steam:

  • Xenonauts 2 is 25% off ($29.99 / £26.24)
  • Terra Invicta is 30% off ($27.99 / £24.49)
  • Against the Storm is 35% off ($19.49 / £15.24)
  • Clanfolk is 25% off ($14.99 / £13.49)
  • Nebulous: Fleet Command is 30% off ($13.99 / £12.59)
  • Old World is 25% off ($29.99 / £26.24)
  • Necesse is 50% off ($4.99 / £3.49)
  • Empires of the Undergrowth is 20% off ($15.99 / £14.39)
  • Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic is 35% off ($22.74 / £18.06)

We’ve picked out even more of the best indie games on PC that you won’t want to overlook, so be sure to check out what the industry’s smaller devs are cooking up! If you’re trying to save your money, don’t worry – the best free PC games will give you plenty to enjoy without breaking the bank.