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The latest Horizon Forbidden West patch is good news for ultrawides

Horizon Forbidden West patch includes a bunch of welcome fixes, including a few to make things nicer for ultrawide monitor users.

Horizon Forbidden West PC Release date

If you’re playing Horizon Forbidden West on an ultrawide monitor, the latest patch has a few targeted fixes just for you. Everyone else can look forward to improved optimization and stability, some new remapping options, and some fixes for HDR and Nvidia DLSS frame generation settings.

First though, Horizon Forbidden West patch offers ultrawide users a few new options. There’s a new widescreen scale option for the HUD, which will allow you to widen the HUD out to the width of your screen, rather than having it centered at the same position as it would appear on a 16:9 screen. Having that as an option is nice – not everyone may want to move key information out to the corners of an extra-wide monitor.

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Ultrawide users can now also disable the letterboxing around cinematics from the action-adventure game‘s launcher, so you can set those up the way you want before you even launch Forbidden West for the first time.

Nixxes has thrown in a few more fixes in this patch for everyone else as well. You should be able to remap the tab key correctly, custom difficulty settings are now fully functional, and a graphical glitch that was happening when Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation was enabled has been addressed.

You can read the full patch notes on Steam. Check out our Horizon Forbidden West review, and make sure to check out the best Horizon Forbidden West PC settings to make sure you’re getting the best framerate you can.

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