4X game Humankind gets an official mod that adds Endless Universe crossover

Amplitude's Endless games get cameo appearances in Humankind thanks to this official mod

Knights from another planet appear in Humankind, courtesy of Amplitude's Endless mod.

Before taking on Civilization on its home turf with its historical 4X game Humankind, French developer Amplitude burnished its credentials in the strategy space with its series of ‘Endless’ games. All set within a single narrative universe, Endless Space, Endless Legend, and Dungeon of the Endless have jumped around in genres while all dipping into a unique blend of fantasy and science fiction. Now, thanks to an official mod from Amplitude, you can find hints of that more fanciful universe in Humankind.

The official Endless mod for Humankind lets you “discover old vestiges of the Endless universe on Earth and lead your civilisation in a dust infused world,” the description on the Humankind mod.io page reads. The mod adds 32 new narrative events, 30 beautiful illustrations, two new civics, two new technologies, and more.

There’s a new avatar, Horatio, who you can unlock while playing the mod, which also includes four infrastructures, a new curiosity, a new buildable district, two new national projects, and a new artificial wonder. It’s effectively a free micro-expansion or flavour pack, and it’s a good illustration of how powerful Humankind’s modding framework is.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

Head to the Humankind mod.io page to download the Endless mod, or through the mod.io integration menu under Extras in the Humankind main menu. You can also check out the latest trailer for the next game set in the Endless universe, the roguelike co-op game Endless Dungeon.