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Take Death Stranding’s hiking to the next level in Insurmountable, out in April

Pick your approach, manage resources, and reach the top in this indie mountain climbing adventure

Death Stranding is a lot of Hideo Kojima ideas wrapped around a surprisingly rewarding simulation game about hiking – something that few games spend much time thinking about. Insurmountable, an upcoming PC game set for release next month, is all about the hiking – there’s nobody named Die Hard Man chirping in your ear, it’s just you and the mountain in front of you.

Due out April 29, Insurmountable is about scaling massive, procedurally generated mountain peaks, each one a treacherous puzzle of obstacles and hazards. You’ll have to carefully select your equipment and the resources you bring with you on each climb, and take on increasingly difficult ascents through each run of three.

The first step, of course, is planning your route, but along the way you’ll need to look out for additional resources to pick up to help you along. You’ll be contending with exhaustion, dynamic weather that changes over the course of your climb, and challenges to your very mental health – can you maintain your climber’s willingness to move forward and upward in the face of adversity?

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

Between the dynamic weather system and the procedurally generated mountains, developer ByteRockers’ Games says no two climbs will ever be the same. Insurmountable also features three difficulty modes, with the highest being unforgiving of even the slightest mistake.

You’ll be able to strap on your crampons when Insurmountable arrives on Steam April 29.