Intel Core i9 13900K specs possibly revealed via Geekbench

The most powerful processor in the Intel Raptor Lake lineup may be able to boost all the way up to 5.7GHz and enjoy a decent uplift to its base clock speeds too

The back of an Intel CPU

The Intel Core i9 13900K will be the best gaming CPU in team blue’s Raptor Lake lineup when the company launches its new LGA 1700 processors later this year, and it’s finally popped up on Geekbench. New chips typically make an appearance on the benchmarking website ahead of release, revealing core and thread counts as well as clock speeds.

We already knew that the Intel Core i9 13900K will feature 24 cores and 32 threads, but this Geekbench entry (via BenchLeaks) provides some insight on the kind of clock speeds we can expect from the CPU. When compared to the 12900K, the Raptor Lake processor’s base clock is 600MHz higher at 3.0GHz, and it also enjoys a 300MHz uplift to its boost clock, at 5.5GHz.

However, the 13900K was able to briefly hit 5.7GHz, which could indicate it can be faster than even the monstrously performant Core i9 12900KS when paired with the best CPU cooler. As with all leaks, though, all of this should be taken with a generous pinch of salt.

We don’t yet know how the Core i9 13900K will compare against the flagship Ryzen 7000 CPU, but these clock speeds could prove to be an ace in the hole for team blue’s ambitions.