Intel Raptor Lake CPU leaks suggest 13th gen price hike

Newegg just seemingly leaked Intel Raptor Lake prices ahead of schedule, and the gaming CPU lineup seemingly costs more than Alder Lake

Intel Raptor lake price leak: Processor like Core logo on blue firework backdrop

Intel Raptor Lake CPU leaks point toward a potential price hike, as online listings hint at a higher MSRP than Alder Lake. As a result, you might have to pay a chunk more for a flagship 13th Gen chip, and budget options could also come with a loftier tag.

Spotted by Videocardz, the Intel Raptor Lake CPU price information is currently available on Newegg. According to the retailer, the Core i9-13900K will seemingly be available for $660 USD, while the budget Core i5-13600KF comes in at $309.99 USD. That means we could be looking at a price hike over and above Alder Lake, with markups ranging from $40-70 USD across the lineup.

Intel Raptor lake price leak: Newegg screenshot with six chips and prices

As with all leaks, it’s best to take this Raptor Lake price leak with a grain of salt. Intel’s Innovation event is but a few hours away, so there’s a chance the company’s reveal won’t match Newegg’s information.

The best gaming CPU options already cost a pretty penny, so higher 13th-gen pricing may drive enthusiasts towards AMD alternatives. That’s not to say the red team’s offering will be cheaper, as the world record-breaking Ryzen 9 7950X will arrive with a $699 USD tag. However, if Raptor Lake packs less of a punch, its higher price may hinder its chances against Ryzen 7000 rivals once they arrive on the battlefield.