Intel Raptor Lake i9 CPU yeets past 8GHz, thanks to overlocking

An overclocked Intel Raptor Lake i9 CPU has reportedly reached frequencies over 8Ghz, making it the first blue team chip to do so in more than ten years

Intel Raptor Lake CPU: Intel Core chip with blue space backdrop

An overclocked Intel Raptor Lake i9 CPU has reportedly smashed past 8GHz, and it’s the first chip from the company to do so in over a decade. While the fastest frequency stripes still belong to the AMD FX-8370, the new performance record means overclocking enthusiasts could ramp up future blue team 13th gen speeds even further.

According to Intel Raptor Lake benchmarks obtained by Wccftech, the next best gaming CPU contender can reach over 8GHz with a 1.792V voltage overclock. The enthusiast in question also disclosed that they used liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling to achieve the feat, but other details like motherboard model and manufacturer aren’t revealed.

Again AMD is still clutching onto its frequency world record, with the FX-8370 clocking in at 8.72GHz. Yet, the fact that an Intel chip has entered the same territory for the first time in over ten years is a testament to Raptor Lake’s capabilities, as the last Intel CPU to reach said heights was apparently the Celeron D 356 back in 2011 (via Hwbot)

Intel Raptor Lake is expected to stomp onto the scene in October, and the i9-13900K might become the fastest single-core chip on the market. However, the 13th-gen contender’s place at the top isn’t a certainty, as AMD Zen 4 opponents like the Ryzen 9 7950X may strike it down like a metaphorical dinosaur hunter.

Performance is one thing, but there’s a chance that price could be a pitfall for Intel. Rumours suggest Raptor Lake will be 15-19% more expensive than Alder Lake, something that’ll potentially prompt enthusiasts building the best gaming PC to consider AMD Zen 4 chips instead.