In Just Cause 4 you can strap balloons to cars and ride them through the sky

just cause 4 grappling hook

Just Cause 4 will, of course, see the return of Rico’s signature grappling hook, but this time the versatile tool has seen some upgrades. We haven’t seen everything the grappling hook can do this time around, but there’s plenty of reason to be excited about the possibilities.

In addition to the general upgrades, the grappling hook is now fully customisable. What does that mean? According to the video, “you can alter almost every parameter you can imagine.” That suggests a lot more than the odd power upgrade and bolt-on.

You can now use more tethers than before, although no exact number has been given. We do see at least five vehicles tethered together while dangling from a bridge, and six tethers being used to pull down a massive structure. (Not to mention the usual tricks of knocking helicopters together and squishing enemy soldiers between vehicles.)

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On top of all that, rocket boosters return from previous games letting you send otherwise stationary objects flying. Plus, there’s a brand new option when you want to take the sky. Airlifters – giant balloons that can attach to objects – will lift things off of the ground, and you can combine them with boosters. The trailer shows Rico riding atop a rocket-powered, helium humvee, so there’s plenty of room for creative shenanigans.

The wingsuit has been updated as well – you can now catch air flows to fly without having to grapple mid-flight, making it much easier to get around in mid-air. Check out more in the trailer below, or dig into everything we know about Just Cause 4 for far more detail on the upcoming title.

Today’s Just Cause 4 reveals have provided plenty of more specific detail on the game, including what to expect from the game’s new map and weapons. Just Cause 4 is set to release on December 4, so we’ll see much more of Rico – and his destructive tendencies – later this year.