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Top XCOM and Baldur’s Gate 3 style tactical RPG is getting a sequel

King Arthur Legion 9 is a sequel to the tactical RPG Knight’s Tale previously planned as an expansion, and it’s coming to Steam in May.

King Arthur Legion 9 is a new sequel to the Arthurian tactical RPG game - Three demonic Roman legionnaires.

Looking for that next hit after Baldur’s Gate 3? Tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, which blends the fantasy realms of Arthurian legend with a mix of XCOM style turn-based combat and the character-led party RPG systems of BG3 and Dragon Age, is about to get a new standalone sequel. Originally teased as a potential expansion, King Arthur: Legion 9 has now been expanded into a fully fledged sequel, and it’s arriving on Steam very soon.

King Arthur: Legion 9 takes place in the same dark fantasy Avalon as Knight’s Tale, but sees you step into the shoes of undead Roman legionary Gaius Julius Mento, a warrior who has just fought his way back to the land of the living from the Roman underworld of Tartarus. With a mind to establish an Eternal Rome on the land of Avalon, Gaius must reform his legion, while deciding whether he walks a path towards redemption or embraces his demonic side in this choice-driven RPG game.

You’ll be able to bring up to six characters along with you, deciding how they’ll grow and facing all those challenging moral choices that we love from games like Baldur’s Gate 3. Gameplay looks to follow on fairly closely from Knight’s Tale, so expect combat that pulls your fantasy tactics in a direction that more closely resembles the likes of XCOM, where making best use of your party composition is key, and you’ll want to take advantage of cover, flanking, overwatch, traps, and more.

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Much like Gaius himself, you’ll be accompanied by your eponymous legion of Abyss-risen heroes each with their own set of skills and backstory. You’ll also be able to build up your stronghold of Nova Roma, managing your scarce resources carefully to upgrade the facilities to help prepare your squad for their adventures.

King Arthur: Legion 9 launches on Steam Thursday May 9. You can head to the game’s Steam store page now to add it to your wishlist and keep track of when it launches. In the meantime, if you haven’t played the previous game in the series, there’s a big Steam sale discount available right now.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is on sale for 60% off on Steam until Monday April 8. That means you’ll pay just $17.99/£15.19 for your copy, down from its usual price of $44.99/£37.99.

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