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Stardew-like RPG Kynseed by ex-Fable devs set to leave Early Access

After four years in Steam's Early Access program, the former Fable developers at PixelCount Studios are ready for the official launch of their RPG Kynseed

Kynseed release date: A pixel-art scene showing a top-down cutaway view of a home attached to a smithy, with family members sitting at the dining room table and one in the shop cheerfully working at the anvil

Kynseed, an intergenerational Stardew Valley-inspired RPG game from a group of former Fable developers, is ready to leave Early Access. After first launching in Early Access in 2018, the official Kynseed release date is now set for December 6.

Kynseed begins with the planting of a magical acorn that sprouts and grows into your character’s family tree. Choices you make in the game form the tree’s branches, and you’ll run into a lot of those as you explore the world, run a family business, and farm the land.

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Like other farming-themed life games, Kynseed allows you to form relationships with other characters. Eventually, you’ll be able to start a family, and you’ll watch as characters grow older and eventually die. When that happens to your player character, control passes to their children, and the story continues.

Since entering Early Access, Kynseed has attracted the attention of investor and Games Workshop co-founder Sir Ian Livingstone, who joined PixelCount Studios in 2020 as an adviser and business mentor for the studio.

“To my mind, Kynseed was a game with incredible potential, and I wanted to help them bring their vision to the world,” Sir Ian said in a press statement. “There is so much to do when playing Kynseed, from exploring, questing, foraging, farming, and crafting to thrilling combat
with strange creatures. The combat alone deserves to be a game in itself!”

Kynseed is available to pre-order on Steam right now. Our list of the best farming games on PC has some other great options if you’re feeling agricultural.