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Last Epoch offers a free gift to all as a thank you amid launch issues

The Last Epoch 1.0 launch is here, but the new ARPG set to rival Diablo 4 has faced connection issues as its player base grows on Steam.

Last Epoch offers free gift to thank players after connection issues - A man with long hair tied back looks at you over his shoulder.

Last Epoch connection issues have left many players unable to play online at launch, as the new kid on the ARPG block suffers connection issues. If you’ve encountered the LE-61 error or found online play unavailable in Last Epoch, then it’s likely a result of these problems, but developer Eleventh Hour Games has “pushed some heavy hours” to ensure things are back up and running. As players flock to try the most exciting rival to Diablo 4 and Path of Exile in a while, EHG offers a free gift to all as thanks “for your incredible patience.”

Last Epoch is off to an impressive start, already making it to number two on the Steam top sellers list globally, falling just behind Helldivers 2 and landing above Elden Ring and the now-revealed Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Valve reports that the RPG game reached a peak of 152,512 concurrent players on its first day (and already is back up to over 140,000 playing at once at the time of writing) as everyone picks out their first Last Epoch classes.

Last Epoch - Valve's Steam Top Sellers chart, showing the ARPG in second place below Helldivers 2 globally (but above CS2 and Elden Ring).

Unfortunately, many still ran into issues that have left Last Epoch’s online play unavailable. The good news is that the game does offer an offline mode – and EHG enabled the ability to launch in ‘full offline’ mode if you’re finding yourself unable to get in (if you don’t see this option at launch, you may need to restart your Steam client). The ability to play Last Epoch offline is certainly a welcome feature, although it isn’t much of a salve to those looking forward to playing with friends or diving into item trading from the get-go.

“I just want to say that I sincerely apologize to anyone who was really looking forward to playing online today without issues,” CEO Judd Cobler writes on the game’s official Discord. He says that, despite the team’s careful preparation, an issue arose in an unexpected area that left their engineers searching for a fix. In an update, Cobbler notes that things are now “stable, but often transition times [between areas] are much longer than expected.”

“We’re going to let the backend folks off for the evening as they pushed some heavy hours today to get things where they are and deserve some rest before tomorrow,” Cobler says. “Again, thank you all for your patience today and bearing with us through our first launch.” As an additional gesture, the team is also giving all players an in-game cosmetic item.

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“To express our heartfelt gratitude for your patience, we’re delighted to present you with a unique token of appreciation,” marketing specialist Steve Hollaway writes. The item in question is an ‘Autumnal Wrap’ back slot piece, which he says will be given to “anyone who owns a copy of Last Epoch while we are still solving our scaling connectivity issues.”

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