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Can you play Last Epoch offline?

Learn if you can play Last Epoch offline and if there are any major differences and restrictions in place while creating characters.

Last Epoch offline: a sigil of a falcon wearing a helmet and some traps on a blurred background.

Is there a Last Epoch offline mode? One major complaint that fans of recent Diablo games or similar ARPGs have had is that there are times when the game simply won’t let them play. This could be for a magnitude of differing reasons, from server overload to scheduled maintenance. No matter what’s happening, though, that doesn’t stop it being frustrating.

Playing Last Epoch offline should allow players to bypass any worries of disconnection at a pivotal moment. It can be really annoying to be booted unceremoniously from a dungeon while gathering the last affixes for Last Epoch crafting to make the best gear or leveling up their Last Epoch classes to the point of learning a new skill. Below is everything you need to know, including any particular caveats you should be aware of before creating your character.

The Last Epoch offline mode is visible from the title screen.

Last Epoch offline mode

Yes, you can play Last Epoch offline, and it’s selectable from the main menu. However, importing an online character to the offline server and vice versa is impossible.

You can, however, create characters to use in the current cycle for leadership prowess or legacy characters that share the stash with all previously created warriors.

Offline characters can also create hardcore characters, who will remain this way until they perish. At this point, they convert to becoming a “normal character” but remain in the same game mode, challenges, and cycles.

There are also options for challenges. Currently, the Solo Character challenge is the only one available, so you can’t swap gear between your characters. Solo Account is only available online, and characters created this way won’t be able to party with nor obtain items found by other players. They can share the same stash and materials with other Solo Account Found characters you’ve created.

And that’s everything you should know about the Last Epoch offline mode. To get the most out of the RPG game, you should check out the best Last Epoch settings for the best performance. We also highly recommend that you investigate the Last Epoch loot filters system, as it can make grabbing items for Last Epoch builds a breeze.