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League of Legends may get announcer packs

Riot is gauging player interest in League of Legends announcer and voice packs

League of Legends

League of Legends may see announcer and/or voice packs added in the future. The game’s product manager took to Twitter to ask fans whether they would be interested in some kind of voice pack feature in the game, although it’s unclear specifically what form this might eventually take.

Voice packs can be found in several other MOBAs. Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm had them, and Valve’s Gabe Newell even contributed lines for a Dota 2 Mega Kills announcer pack. But there are other forms such an addition could take, and League of Legends product manager Ken Adams asked players what they meant.

“When you say you want Voice Packs for your favorite champions, how do you envision that working?” he asked Thursday, as Dot Esports reports. “Is a Voice Pack something you can activate, like an emote, or is it something only you hear, like an alternate voice over for that champion?”

After some responses from players, it seems as though the majority of players want some kind of announcer pack system brought back to League permanently.

Adams seems to think it’s a pretty good idea.

“Yea, Announcer Packs *would* be pretty cool,” he said. “Yup. Pretty cool.”

There are any number of ways Riot could go with Announcer Packs for League. The most commonly-requested packs, it seems, are specific champions calling matches. But considering League’s massive popularity, it would also be possible to pull in talent from outside, perhaps even bridging franchises and media. Valve has done this before, recruiting Justin Roiland to do a Rick & Morty announcer pack for Dota 2.

So when can you expect to find your favourite cartoon characters calling your League of Legends matches? Probably not soon, since Riot is clearly in the very early stages of working out whether fans are even interested. But with the financial heft and brand recognition League commands, anything is possible at this point.