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Arcane season 2 is “really good” says League of Legends boss

Arcane season 2 exists, and it has a release window, and according to League of Legends' executive producer, it's looking "really good."

I asked League of Legends' EP about a very real Arcane season 2 "spoiler": A young cartoon woman with blue lies back grimacing pointing her fingers in a gun shape up at the camera wearing black leather gloves and a black crop top

It’s real. It’s coming. League of Legends Arcane season 2 exists, and will be dropping next year. Will Mel and Piltover’s council all perish at the hands of Jinx, or will Yasuo leap in and Wind Wall the Super Mega Death Rocket? My money’s on the latter. But back at MSI 2023 I asked LoL’s executive producer Jeremy ‘Brightmoon’ Lee, and while he remains pretty tight-lipped, he’s built up the hype for the next chapter of the Arcane saga.

But why am I writing up an interview from League of Legends MSI now, you ask? Well, my Arcane senses were tingling way back in May, and I had hoped that the MOBA‘s first international event of the year would bring about some new, shiny Arcane teasers. Turns out I was wrong, and as a result have been waiting for this very moment to write this very article. And now, it has arrived.

When I asked Brightmoon about Arcane back in the day, I remember a smile playing on his lips, playfulness flashing in his eyes. “I have seen [some] episodes, and it is really good, as I think you might expect” he tells me.

“It takes time to create the unique visuals for Arcane with our partners at Fortiche, but it’s coming along well, and I think it’s going to be really exciting.”

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While I have him, I also ask about that infamous ‘leak’ where, as Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket hurtles towards Piltover’s council chambers, primed to bring the ornate meeting hall crashing to the ground, a rogue Yasuo (most likely on his 0/7 power spike) dives in and Wind Walls, dispelling the sneering missile with a gentle ‘pop.’ I don’t know why, but that last part kills me every time.

“I mean… that’s a huge spoiler,” he says, feigning shock (and vague concern for my sanity). “The Wind Wall is the most powerful ability in the game really, so…” You heard it here first people – Yasuo in Arcane Season 2 confirmed (not really, please don’t kill me Riot).

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While we wait for Arcane Season 2, there’s a whole lot happening over in the League of Legends universe. For better (or worse) we’ve seen the meteoric rise of Heartsteel, and Riot has renewed copyrights for a whole slew of K/DA-themed products – including erm, cosmetics.

There’s also League of Legends patch 13.22, which ushers in some huge changes to my all-time favorite enchanter, Janna, and a new League of Legends sale if you’re looking to pick up some cheap cosmetics (unfortunately the Arcane ones won’t be in there).

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