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We’re one step from League of Legends KDA bath water, I’m afraid

Riot Games has renewed a series of KDA trademarks for potential League of Legends merch, and some of them are interesting to say the least.

We're one step from League of Legends KDA bath water, I'm afraid: A pretty woman with black and purple hair tied back wearing a silver jumpsuit with golden trims with crystalline bodies around her stares into the camera on a pink background

Sure, Heartsteel are the new kids on the block, but no one is ever going to beat League of Legends iconic K-pop group, K/DA (except Pentakill, but that’s an aside). While Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa will likely be absent from the Worlds stage this year (I’m huffing the hopium okay), Riot knows just how popular they are, and has renewed the trademarks for a whole series of different products – including, erm, cosmetics and energy drinks.

‘Ahri bath water, haha’ yes, I hear you. Riot has renewed five separate trademarks for the MOBA‘s premier girl group, most of which include the usual League of Legends merchandise – artwork, clothing, pins, and so on. There are, however, two that raise an eyebrow.

As spotted by YouTuber ‘SkinSpotlights’ and verified by PCGamesN, on Tuesday, October 17 Riot Games renewed K/DA trademarks related to a series of different cosmetics (including “baby oils, makeup, and pet shampoos”), as well as various different beverages (including “cola, energy drinks, and sports drinks”).

While, as SkinSpotlights rightly points out, this may be a result of Riot “protecting their IP,” it may also indicate some new merchandise ahead of the World Championship Finals – K/DA perfume, anyone? To be fair, I wear Thank U Next by Ariana Grande, I have no right to judge (and would probably buy it).

A trademark filing for Riot Games' League of Legends band K/DA, including various types of cosmetics

Of course, the various trademarks leave a lot to the imagination – possibly too much, let’s be honest.  If you’re hoping for some Belle Delphine-style bath water, I don’t think that’ll make it through testing – sorry folks.

Instead, my inclination is that, if we see anything new, it may be another League of Legends Coca-Cola moment versus a whole makeup line (although, again, I’d buy it). Then again, Riot hasn’t registered Heartsteel yet (you get hit with an error if you try to check), so who knows, maybe we will see more K/DA merch after all.

If the new unofficial K/DA song, coupled with Heartsteel’s mischievous antics, has lured you back onto the Rift, then make sure you check out our LoL tier list so that you know who is ruling the roost. Spoiler, it’s K’Sante, who was one of many champions to see some huge changes as part of League of Legends patch 13.21.