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Arcane Season 2 release date confirmed, but don’t get too excited

League of Legends animated series Arcane reveals its second season's release date on Netflix, and the LoL show isn't coming any time soon.

League of Legends Arcane Season 2 release date: A woman with short fuschia-colored hair smirks angrily, her fists together before her face

League of Legends has recently made waves outside of its usual community, pulling new fans into its lore’s grasp with its animated Netflix series, Arcane. Following the first season’s massive success, Arcane fans have been waiting for news of the previously confirmed second season’s release date. We now know when the show set in Riot Games’ whimsical universe gets its Season 2, but it sadly isn’t going to drop any time soon.

Arcane caught the attention of hardened League of Legends fans and newcomers to Riot’s universe alike when it first debuted on Netflix in 2021. I’m personally not a MOBA game lover myself, but I do enjoy Arcane and other spin-off media featuring LoL lore. The show focuses on iconic champions like Caitlyn, Jinx, and Vi as the utopian Piltover and oppressed Zaun come head to head.

Now that Riot has confirmed how Arcane is canon within Runeterra’s game lore, looking forward to its new season is more exciting than ever. Netflix first revealed the second season months back, with sporadic sneak peeks since then detailing what and who we can expect to see. We know that fan-favorite characters like Slico are returning in Season 2. Now, we also know when Season 2 drops.

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Arcane Season 2 is coming in November 2024 which leaves a whole year between us and the second part of the show. While the new date announcement trailer, first shown over Geeked Week 2023, reveals that the series is coming next year, it doesn’t give too much away about the upcoming episodes’ content. All we see in the short clip is Jinx walking away.

The previous season ended on a climactic cliffhanger, with a follow-up teaser hinting at Caitlyn and Vi coming together to stop Jinx. I’m excited to see some of the beloved cast return, like Ella Purnell, Hailee Steinfeld, and Katie Leung. While the wait for Season 2 is a lengthy one, we’ve got a ton of other LoL-related gameplay and lore to delve deep within.

If you’re looking to better understand the League of Legends champions, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a Jinx stan yourself or more of a CaitVi lover, it’s fun to see how your favorites perform in-game. We also have an in-depth rundown of the latest League of Legends 13.22 patch, if you’re a big fan of the fast-paced MOBA gameplay itself.