Here’s your first look at League of Legends’ new Dragonmancer skins

There are some shiny new dragon-themed skins headed League's way, and soon

Last week, League of Legends developer Riot Games announced it had some special new skins in the works for its flagship MOBA game, including an upcoming Legendary “Dragonmancer” skin for diver Champion Lee Sin. Now, the studio’s posted a bunch of PBE previews on Twitter giving us a look a some shiny new styles on the way to the game’s testing servers – and it turns out a bunch of the best League of Legends Champions are in for dragon-themed looks soon.

The first of two preview clips includes that Legendary Lee Sin skin. Until now, its official name wasn’t revealed by Riot, but now we know it’s called ‘Storm Dragon Lee Sin’. As you can see below, in-game the Champ’s new look reflects that glowing blue, electric aura that was teased in his splash art. “A Warrior ascetic consumed with an electrical passion for justice,” its description reads on Riot’s blog post, “Lee Sin climbed the mountain of the Storm Dragon, hoping to receive his blessing.

“Having returned from the summit as a Legendary Dragonmancer, Lee Sin now doles out thunderous punishment to villains everywhere – ever under the watchful eye of his draconic patron.”

As for the other batch of skins, the list of lucky Champs includes Fae Dragon Ashe, Eternal Dragon Brand, Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol, and then Obsidian Dragon Sett (who gets a Prestige Edition skin, too). Like Lee Sin’s these all have a similar distinctive, glowing, electric energy, with dragons woven into the Champ’s abilities – take a look below:

And here are Sett’s upcoming skins:

There’s no confirmation on exactly when we can expect to see the new skin hit the game, but it’s almost certainly shortly after the next update, LoL patch 10.20, goes live in-game. According to the League of Legends patch schedule, that’s Wednesday, September 30, 2020 – but it’ll hit the PBE for testing later this week, so keep checking back here to get an early look.

In the meantime, go check out the LoL patch 10.19 notes. There’s plenty to lap up ahead of its launch this week.