LoL every mistake a lesson mystery champion explained

Figuring out the LoL every mistake a lesson mystery champion is tricky, as you only have a quote to go off, but we have the answer right here

Lol mystery champ: every mistake a lesson

If you’re looking for the answer to the LoL every mistake a lesson mystery champion riddle, we’ve got you. Riot has started the 2023 League of Legends season strong, with a set of daily puzzles all centred around a specific mystery champion, only revealed when you figure out the quote attached to the mission. Completing this mission will net you rewards, including Hextech chests, champion shards, and blue essence.

The latest mystery champion riddle is centred around the quote ‘every mistake, a lesson’ and can be difficult to decipher if you don’t know your LoL lore inside and out. The previous missions have all had a theme, including walking a shrouded path, or not fearing the darkness, so players have had a jumping-off point to begin their mystery champion search in the free PC game.

Lol Mystery Champ: every mistake a lesson Heimer

Who is the League of Legends every mistake a lesson mystery champion?

Every mistake, a lesson. Wise words, and not something we usually hear in the MOBA game, as every mistake will generally translate into a team-wise flame session. The mystery champion is intelligent, that’s for sure, so could it be one of the inventors on the roster?

Viktor, for instance, may have slightly suspect motives in his pursuit of Hextech supremacy, but his genius is unparalleled. Heimerdinger’s kit is filled with instruments of his own design, from his ballistic armaments to his turrets – but, no, it turns out that we’re looking for both intelligence and spirituality, a calmness that your own failures can lead to personal growth.

The LoL every mistake a lesson mystery champion is Wukong. A disciple of Master Yi, and a fully-fledged master in his own right of the Wuju martial art. His training has given him a positive outlook on how his own failures have shaped him – a mindset we should all strive to.

Lol mystery champ: every mistake a lesson wukong

There you have the Lol every mistake a lesson mystery champion. If you’re struggling with the other puzzles in this set of missions, we have the mystery champion solutions to yet I do not fear the darkness and what lies beyond the shrouded path. With the new battle pass out, it’s worth checking out just how much you’ve spent in League of Legends, so you don’t overextend yourself in the pursuit of those Mythmaker skins.