League of Legends Galaxies pass holders awarded extra tokens following “widespread service issues”

Riot Games is giving out some extra Galaxies tokens to make up for any missed out on

League of Legends Dark Star Malphite splash art

The ongoing League of Legends Galaxies 2020 event has seen a few service hiccups which have affected some players’ ability to scoop up event tokens. However, LoL developer Riot’s got some good news – it’s giving out extra tokens to make up for ones players have missed out on.

In a post on the MOBA game’s site, the dev announces: “Due to a few issues over the course of the Galaxies event, we’re taking a few steps to ensure you end up with the same amount of tokens you’d have if those issues hadn’t come up.”

To make up for any losses because of “widespread service issues during the event”, Riot says it’s giving all pass owners a mission to play one game, which it’ll reward with 175 tokens for EUW players, 150 for BR and NA, and 120 for users in other regions affected. “These numbers are based on the amount of tokens you would’ve been able to earn during the time most of you were unable to log in or queue up,” the post reads, “with some regions affected more than others.”

The mission will activate at some point this week and go on for longer than most of the other Galaxies event missions. It’ll expire, the studio says, at 23:59 PM PDT on May 11 (that’s 02:59 EDT / 07:59 UK on May 12).

Riot’s also already awarded event tokens to pass holders that got stuck into LoL’s most recent Clash tournaments on March 28 and 29, and April 11 and 12, as well as an extra weekly wins mission this week, too, following the service hiccups.

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