League of Legends Katarina look inspired by Skin Spotlights is a must

League of Legends Katarina fans likely have a complex relationship with YouTuber 'Skin Spotlights,' but fans still want to see Riot give them a nod in the MOBA

League of Legends Katarina look inspired by Skin Spotlights is a must: A blonde woman wearing black clown-like eye makeup looks into the camera wearing reindeer antlers and a red and white Santa costume holding two ornate golden daggers

If you’re a League of Legends Katarina fan then I suggest you don’t watch any of YouTuber Skin Spotlights’ videos. Showing off every cosmetic that has ever hit the Rift, the faceless creator’s channel is a go-to for those looking to expand their in-game wardrobe, and avid fans of the MOBA want Riot to pay tribute to them.

But what does that have to do with Katarina? Well, anyone who has given Skin Spotlights’ channel a glance knows that they use Katarina as a literal punching bag to show off the changes that cosmetics grant to character abilities.

She’s been skewered by Empyrean Pyke, bound by Sorceress Lux, and bopped around by Prestige Empyrean K’Sante. She’s even been shredded by herself, as Skin Spotlights still uses her as a training dummy when testing out new Katarina skins – we call it ‘Katarinaception.’

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Given that the channel has become a go-to for those looking to purchase skins, players have asked Riot to show the creator some love in-game by introducing a new Katarina cosmetic in their honour. “When it comes to Skin Spotlights, I think their service to the community is still underappreciated,” writes one player on the game’s Reddit.

But what champion would the creator be represented as? Katarina, of course. “I think it would be funny if Katarina had a skin in which she wore protective gear as a fun nod to how she’s always been there to get beaten up by other champions so their skins can be shown.

“I know that skin would probably be cheaper, since I can’t think of any specific different VFX that would go with the skin (hell, I can’t even think of anything to replace her daggers), but I think it’s worth doing for such an important content creator.”

With over 5k upvotes at the time of writing, the community is very much behind this fun little idea. “Never played Katarina in my ten years on this game (ARAM once doesn’t count), but I would buy the skin out of respect” comments one fan, while another replies “Skin Spotlights is the single reason I’ve bought a couple skins way back in the day so I think it should be easily justified.”

I am very much in the same boat as these players. I have a very, very bad habit of emptying my bank balance on League, but having watched several of Skin Spotlights’ videos I’ve been encouraged to restrain myself. While they introduced me to the beauty of Coven Morgana and High Noon Senna, I am eternally grateful to this day that I didn’t pick up Sand Wraith Pyke (sue me).

Given that we see Worlds skins added each year, as well as several little Easter Eggs that have been added over the years (the Star Guardian Kai’Sa skin plays Porter Robinson’s ‘Everything Goes On’), Riot doesn’t shy away from adding references to prominent creators in-game. Hopefully, we see one for Skin Spotlights sooner rather than later.

On the flip side, though, it’s because of Skin Spotlights that I don’t want to check how much I’ve spent on League of Legends – although the new League of Legends Prime Gaming rewards has certainly helped expand my cosmetic arsenal for less cash. Now all I need is DJ Sona…