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League of Legends dev hints at Singed buffs as players demand changes

League of Legends lead developer Matt 'Phroxzon' Leung-Harrison has promised to reevaluate Singed after patch 14.10 ethered his win rate

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League of Legends developer Riot Games has dropped some absolutely massive changes to the famed MOBA over the last few weeks. The mid-season patch 14.10 update introduced a boatload of gameplay changes, including summoner spell alterations, new items, changed existing items, and so much more. While some champions were given a fresh feel with this update, others, like OG top-laner Singed, have been wholly nerfed into the ground, and mains of the Mad Scientist are demanding action from LoL’s gameplay developers.

Despite Singed being the first champion Riot Games ever designed for League of Legends, it certainly doesn’t feel like the developers have treated him as such. Since patch 14.10 dropped for the famed MOBA, the top laner’s win rate has plummeted to a measly 48.5% (in Emerald+ ranks of competition), which is good for 84th out of the 95 eligible champions courtesy of stats from lolalytics.

Signed was knocked down a few pegs for multiple reasons, namely his inability to deal damage with his poison trail, but also due to ADCs getting a massive buff and the Tenacity rune changes hurting his mobility. Add all this together, and you have one depressed scientist.

Signed mains have expressed their concerns for the champion online, with one streamer even communicating with Riot directly about the situation. Minishcap1 is the premiere Singed content creator on Twitch and YouTube, and posted a screencap of their interaction with Riot Phroxzon. In their DMs, Minish shared a gameplay clip where Singed is seen underperforming despite being ahead of their opponents and asking directly for buffs.

Phroxzon replied to the DM, noting the team will be “evaluating” Singed after patch 14.10 has some time to play out. Exactly what those changes might be will come with time. It’s important to note that Riot’s current philosophy is rooted in believing players are often building the incorrect items on their champions, so it’s possible that no changes come at all.

However, with Singed being in such a desperate state, the developers may feel pity for dedicated players and offer up some damage buffs or general quality-of-life changes to make life just a bit easier for him on Summoner’s Rift.

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