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League of Legends devs reveal Ornn passive rework for patch 14.11

Ornn, the do-it-all LoL top laner, has one of the most unique passive abilities in the game, which is now slated for some sizable changes

Ornn is one of the most dynamic champions in all of League of Legends. Since the Freljordian demi-god first hit Summoner’s Rift in 2017, he’s developed a solid player base who enjoy his sturdiness in the top lane and his ability to disrupt team fights with his powerful range of abilities. One of the more unique aspects of Ornn is one of his passive abilities, Master Craftsman, allowing him to upgrade his and his teammates’ legendary items upon hitting level 13. Now, developer Riot Games are changing up specifically how this passive ability works.

League of Legends is undisputedly the most popular MOBA on the planet. The game initially became popular mainly due to its unique champion designs. Although Ornn is not one of the original champions, he certainly stands out to me as one of the more iconic designs in his gameplay and interactions with his teammates.

Ornn’s passive has multiple layers to it. For starters, he has access to Living Forge, which allows Ornn to craft non-consumable items anywhere on the field. His other passive is Master Craftsman, which is the one most non-Ornn players are aware of the most. This allows Ornn to upgrade a legendary item in his inventory into a new item, with a new name as well, with upgraded stats, when he dings level 13. Each level after that Ornn is able to upgrade a teammate’s legendary item into a better version. There was a limited number of legendary items that Ornn could upgrade through this passive, that was, until now.

On May 14, League insider Spixeraxe30 revealed that Ornn’s passive would be getting a slight rework making it so that all legendary items could be upgraded through his passive. However, this comes with the change that the upgraded items would no longer have epic names to highlight that they were upgraded, now with a Masterwork tag added to the end of the basic name.

Later on May 25, League’s lead game designer Matt ‘Phroxzon’ Leung-Harison revealed the full patch notes for the upcoming patch 14.11, which confirmed that these changes would be hitting live servers.

This change comes on the heels of tons of items being changed, removed, and added to the game, meaning that Ornn’s passive would constantly need to be altered to keep up with each specific new legendary item. Now, although the beloved special names will be removed, at least almost every new legendary item will be able to be upgraded.

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