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League of Legends Lethal Tempo nerf could slow down Yasuo and Yone

League of Legends' top gameplay designer revealed in patch 14.4 that Lethal Tempo is being nerfed specifically for melee champions.


If you’ve spent any time on Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends, chances are you’ve either played as or gone up against the daunted brotherly duo of Yasuo and Yone. The pair of sword wielders are two of the most popular champions in the game, both benefiting from the keystone Lethal Tempo. Now, Riot has revealed plans to temper down the precision rune, slowing down the wind warriors in the process.

League of Legends is one of the most consistently updated online games there is, receiving a new balance patch every two weeks. Despite being constantly updated, one of the MOBA game’s more powerful keystones has gone largely untouched in recent years: Lethal Tempo.

The keystone from the precision rune tree generates stacks as champions auto-attack enemy champions, slowly ramping up attack speed. Once at six stacks, the maximum amount of stacks possible, you gain a slight attack range buff allowing your champion to attack from further away. Since this keystone was slightly updated in Season 11, it’s been aggressively utilized by both Yasuo and Yone as both champions benefit massively from the attack speed steroid.

Now, the developers have revealed plans to tone down the power of this keystone, specifically for melee champions. LoL’s lead gameplay developer Matt Leung-Harrison, AKA Riot Phroxzon, shared a preview of patch 14.4 which showed the specific Lethal Tempo nerfs.


The alterations will be looking to tone down the power of the attack speed buff solely for melee champions, so any ADC players reading this can breathe a sigh of relief. The nerfs will be lowering the attack speeds per stack down from 9-13.5% to 5-16%. While the slow initial ramp-up speed will hurt Yone and Yasuo in the early game, the increased end buff could help them in late-game situations.

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