League of Legends leak reveals two new Halloween Champion skins

It looks like Amumu and Elise are in for some super spooky new styles, and soon

We might have just got our first look at some upcoming League of Legends Halloween skins, following an apparent leak that’s appeared online. Images that appear to be splash art for some spooky new styles have been posted on Twitter and YouTube – and it looks like the MOBA game’s sad mummy and spider queen will be two of the lucky Champions due a round of trick-or-treating soon.

Twitter user Shine_Blue_Sky (via Dot Esports) has posted two images of what seem to be new skins in the Halloween-inspired Harrowing line for League Champions Elise and Amumu (we’ve included these for you below). It seems these popped up through a survey that was recently sent out to a select number of the multiplayer game’s players from Riot Games, according to a follow-up tweet from the user.

As you can see below, it looks like Amumu will be transformed into a sad pumpkin, with him plonked forlornly on a seesaw with another carved pumpkin. Poor Amumu. However, it’s good news for his fans, given it’s been a while since we’ve seen a skin for the vanguard Champ.

As for Elise’s new look, it appears the Champion’s getting a witch-like makeover, along with her spiderlings, which have been transformed into little grinning, purple-hued ‘pumpkin-lings’ of sorts. You can take a look at both of these here:

It’s worth noting that these splash art images aren’t confirmed as official at this point, so we can’t be fully certain they represent skins headed to the game. However, the art style in the pictures is pretty unmistakable, with League’s character art having a very distinctive (and attractive) appearance that’s easy to spot. Both the Elise and Amumu images stick really faithfully to this style, even sharing the same colour palette as previous years’ Halloween-inspired Harrowing skin line.

Plus, other splash art that turned out to be official has leaked previously, such as recent addition Lillia’s splash art, which also appeared online in the days before she was formally unveiled.

We’re a few weeks away from when we can expect an annual LoL Harrowing Halloween event to kick off (it’s usually a few weeks into October). Still, as patches hit the PBE a few weeks beforehand for testing, perhaps we might get a look at these skins in-game very soon. In the meantime, check out LoL patch 10.20 to see what’s ahead for this week’s incoming patch.