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New League of Legends chromas have surfaced, but we can’t have them

A series of League of Legends chromas celebrating the top ten players in the LPL region have gone viral on Twitter, but it looks like the West can't have them.

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The LPL has long been one of League of Legends‘ most competitive regions, with the MOBA‘s premier tournaments having been dominated by the likes of FunPlus Phoenix, Invictus Gaming, and Edward Gaming in recent years. As the LPL approaches its ten-year anniversary, some new LoL chromas have popped up ahead of time, but it looks like Western players can’t add them to their cosmetic arsenal.

First spotted by LoL Context-Chan on Twitter, the chromas are absolutely stunning. Dedicated to ten of the tournament’s most decorated players, there are chromas for Fiora, Kai’Sa, LeBlanc, Lucian, Malphite, Sejuani, Sett, Twisted Fate, Yuumi, and Zoe.

Of course, these spread like wildfire, but the caveat is that LoL Context-Chan claims that they are “only CN server,” meaning that it’s likely they won’t be released in the West.

I read that, and honestly I could have cried – just look at that LeBlanc skin, or the Vayne one. And, these come right off of the back of Legends of Runeterra getting an exclusive Coven Janna skin. I’m so done.

A list of League of Legends skins on the Chinese server that celebrate 10 years of the LOL

It’s not the first time that we’ve seen Chinese-exclusive chromas, including the absolutely stunning Rose Quartz ones. Given the LPL is obviously China’s league, it makes sense that these Chromas would be confined to that server, but it does also have a huge international viewership, too.

I run IG Rakan all the time – in fact, it’s probably my favorite Rakan skin. I also love IG LeBlanc and EDG Viego, and see IG Kai’Sa and Camille played pretty frequently. I’m sure these chromas would do well in the West, so please, pretty please Riot, let us have them?

While I wait with bated breath, there are a whole lot of new League of Legends skins on the horizon – including the absolutely gorgeous La Ilusión looks – for me to splash the cash on. There’s also some new League of Legends Mythic shop skins accompanying League of Legends patch 13.18, too, including a gorgeous new look for Taliyah.