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League of Legends patch notes - 13.14 finally adds Naafiri and Arena

If you've been looking forward to LoL's latest mode, Arena, the League of Legends patch 13.14 update finally adds Soul Fighter, as well as new champion Naafiri.

A cartoon style Soul Fighter skin for LoL champion Samira

League of Legends patch 13.14 is a big one, my friends – trust me, I got the update in a Word document and that’s a lot of pages. The MOBA‘s newest champion, Naafiri, will finally be unleashed on the public domain, as well as Arena, League of Legends‘ new 2v2v2v2 mode.

There’s a lot to unpack in 13.14, but the biggest additions are, of course, Naafiri and Soul Fighter. Naafiri, a Darkin mid-lane doggo with a passion for hunting down foes, is absolutely my favorite champion of the year so far. Apart from the fact her kit literally spawns more puppers to chase down the enemy squad, you can pet her using the old cursor we all know and love. Honestly, that’s the highlight right there.

Soul Fighter, however, is this summer’s overarching event. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Street Fighter, it’s accompanied by an all-new 2v2v2v2 mode, Arena. The skins look stunning (I need that Samira one) and the stage is set for an event quite unlike any other.

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Champion buffs and nerfs

Aside from the new event and our somewhat adorable furry midlaner, there’s a slew of buffs and nerfs to champions from across the Rift. Following his popularity in pro play, the cute yet chaotic Milio is taking a few much-needed nerfs – particularly to his passive – and, at lower ELOs, Hecarim and Jax have been hit with the hammer in an attempt to cut down their armor and cooldowns respectively.

On the buff side, good ol’ Lissandra is getting a few buffs to her kit, as well as some new Thrall mechanics. Volibear is also finally getting a power boost, with W granting more healing over time.

A League of Legends patch 13.14 infographic showing all of the buffs and nerfs to champions and items, as well as new skins and champion Naafiri

League of Legends patch notes – 13.14 update

Below are the champion buffs and nerfs from Riot‘s League of Legends patch notes – otherwise, we’d be here for a very, very long time.

Champion Buffs


Q – The Darkin Blade

  • First Cast Damage: 10/30/50/70/90 (+60/65/70/75/80% AD) ⇒ 10/25/40/55/70 (+60/70/80/90/100% AD) (Note: This will be a buff at 0/100/100/100/100 AD. The second cast of Q will still deal 25% more than base damage and the third cast will still deal 50% more.)
  • Minion Damage Modifier: 55% ⇒ 55/60/65/70% (levels 1/6/11/16)


W – Pale Cascade

  • Shield Strength: 40/55/70/85/100 (+25% AP) (+9% bonus health) ⇒ 45/60/75/90/105 (+30% AP) (+9% bonus health)
  • Magic Damage per Orb: 18/30/42/54/66 (+15% AP) ⇒ 18/30/42/54/66 (+18% AP)


Passive – Iceborn Subjugation

  • Thrall Movement: Thralls will stop at final frames before exploding ⇒ Thralls will continue to chase down their targets until they explode
  • New – You Can’t Hide: Thralls will now follow enemies into Brush if they were already being chased down by the Thrall
  • New- I C(E) You Coming: Thralls are revealed to enemies through Fog of War

Q – Ice Shard

  • Slow Application: Q will slow the first enemy hit ⇒ Q will now slow all enemies hit
  • Ice Shard Missile: Q will cast from position post-cast rather than pre-cast

R – Frozen Tomb

  • Heal Amount: 90/140/190 (+25% AP) (increased by 0-100% based on missing health) ⇒ 100/150/200 (+55% AP) (increased by 0-100% based on missing health) (Note: Maximum heal value will be at 30% or less health now instead of 0% health.)
  • Damage and Slow Application Cadence: 4 times per second ⇒ 16 times per second
  • Dash Interactions: Updated logic slightly around stopping dashes


Q – Deceive

  • Bonus Physical Damage: 25/35/45/55/65 (+50% bonus AD) ⇒ 25/35/45/55/65 (+60% bonus AD)
  • Backstab Bonus Critical Strike Damage: 40% ⇒ 55%

R – Hallucinate

  • Prowler’s Claw Bugfix: Prowler’s Claw’s passive will now properly be applied to Shaco’s clone


  • Not So Fast Dragon: Shaco boxes will no longer instantly die to Hextech Dragon’s lightning AoE
  • Zip Zap No More: Zeri’s Q bullets will now deal the correct amount of damage to Shaco’s boxes


Q – Twin Bite

  • Bonus Physical Damage: 20/35/50/65/80% AD (+25% AP) ⇒ 20/40/60/80/100% AD (+25% AP)
  • New – Attack Speed Increase: Shyvana’s next two attacks have 40/45/50/55/60% increased attack speed
  • Cooldown: 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds ⇒ 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds

E – Flame Breath

  • Bonus Magic Damage On-Hit vs Marked Targets: 3% of target’s maximum health ⇒ 3% of target’s maximum health (+1% per 100 bonus AD)


Passive – The Relentless Storm

  • Lightning Claws Magic Damage: 11-60 (based on level) (+40% AP) ⇒ 11-60 (based on level) (+50% AP)

Q – Thundering Smash

  • QoL Update: Removed a hitch in Volibear’s auto attacks after stunning at high attack speeds.

W – Frenzied Maul

  • Heal: 20/35/50/65/80 (+8/10/12/14/16% of missing health) ⇒ 20/35/50/65/80 (+8/11/14/17/20% of missing health)


Base Stats

Base Mana: 459 ⇒ 400

Passive – Mana Surge

  • Cooldown: 12 seconds ⇒ 16 seconds
  • New – Two for One: Mana Surge’s cooldown is now reduced by two seconds upon killing a unit
  • New – Tower is Power: Hitting Turrets will now proc Mana Surge

R – Rite of the Arcane

  • Number of Casts: 3/4/5 ⇒ 4/5/6
  • Magic Damage: 200/250/300 (+45% AP) ⇒ 180/230/280 (+40% AP)
  • New – Successive Snipes: If a champion is hit with a bolt, successive bolts will deal an additional 20/25/30 (+5% AP) damage (Note: This applies to any number of champions hit with a bolt, so whether you hit one or five you will only receive up to one stack per cast)


Passive – Garden of Thorns

  • Plant Damage from AoE Spells: 4 ⇒ 3
  • Plant Damage from Ranged Auto Attacks: 4 ⇒ 5
  • Plant Damage to Monsters: 150% damage to non-Epic monsters ⇒ 40-100 bonus magic damage to all monsters (scales with champion level)

W – Rampant Growth

  • Seeds on First Rank-Up: 1 ⇒ 2

E – Grasping Roots

  • Flash Interaction: E no longer locks Zyra out of using Flash during the cast time

R – Stranglethorns

  • Damage Application Cadence: 4 times per second ⇒ 16 times per second
  • Casting Logic: Zyra will walk to the position at which her R was cast ⇒ Zyra will immediately cast her R at its maximum range
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Champion Nerfs


W – Spirit of Dread

  • Bonus Armor and Magic Resist: 15/20/25/30/35 ⇒ 5/10/15/20/25


E – Counter Strike

  • Cooldown: 14/12.5/11/9.5/8 seconds ⇒ 15/13.5/12/10.5/9 seconds

R – Grandmaster-At-Arms

  • Mana Cost: 50 ⇒ 100


Q – Lay Waste

  • Magic Damage: 45/62.5/80/97.5/115 (+35% AP) ⇒ 43/61/79/97/115 (+35% AP)
  • Monster Damage Modifier: 95% ⇒ 100%

E – Defile

  • Mana Restoration on Enemy Takedown: 15/25/35/45/55 ⇒ 10/20/30/40/50


Base Stats

  • Base Health: 580 ⇒ 610
  • Base Armor: 26 seconds ⇒ 29

Q – Dance of Arrows

  • Physical Damage: 50/75/100/125/150 (+75% bonus AD) ⇒ 40/65/90/115/140 (+75% bonus AD)
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds ⇒ 9 seconds


Passive – Fired Up!

  • Burn Damage: 25-80 (based on level) (+20% AP) ⇒ 15-50 (based on level) (+20% AP)

E – Warm Hugs

  • Bonus Movement Speed: 15/17.5/20/22.5/25% ⇒ 12/14/16/18/20%


W – Un-burrow

  • Physical Damage: 55/70/85/100/115 (+80% bonus AD) ⇒ 50/65/80/95/110 (+80% bonus AD)

E – Furious Bite

  • Physical Damage: 55/60/65/70/75 (+85% bonus AD) ⇒ 5/10/15/20/25 (+70% total AD)


Base Stats

  • Base Armor: 39 ⇒ 36

Passive – Break the Mold

  • Armor and Magic Resist Steal: 3% ⇒ 2%
  • Minimum Armor and Magic Resist Steal: 1.25-3 (based on champion level) ⇒ 0.8-2 (based on champion level)
  • Maximum Armor and Magic Resist Steal: 15% ⇒ 10%


Base Stats

  • Health Regeneration per 5 seconds: 7 ⇒ 6

Q – Savagery

  • Critical Strike Damage Conversion: 95% ⇒ 75%

League of Legends patch 13.14 skins


  • Soul Fight Lux
  • Soul Fighter Naafiri
  • Soul Fighter Pyke
  • Soul Fighter Samira
  • Soul Fighter Sett
  • Prestige Soul Fighter Pyke
  • Star Guardian Senna

A purple wolf with blue feather-like frills around its neck stands proud as confetti drops around it


  • Soul Fight Lux
  • Soul Fighter Naafiri
  • Soul Fighter Pyke
  • Soul Fighter Sett
  • Star Guardian Senna

With Naafiri now officially in the game and Soul Fighter on the horizon, it’s worth checking out our LoL tier list so that you’re prepared for the dangers that lurk on the Rift. We also have a list of all of the upcoming League of Legends skins, so that you don’t miss out on scoring some sweet new looks.