“No guarantee” the League of Legends MMO will ship

It's apparently not a sure thing that the League of Legends MMO release will happen, according to the fantasy game's executive producer at Riot Games

The cast of Arcane could be playable in a League of Legends MMO, if it happens

There is apparently “no guarantee” that the League of Legends MMO release will happen, according to the fantasy game‘s executive producer – who was previously vice president of IP and entertainment at Riot Games, and worked on World of Warcraft.

In December last year, Riot Games’ Greg Street announced that he was putting a team together to “help develop the League universe” that would “kick off a big (some might say massive)” new entry in the MOBA game franchise – which he later confirmed would indeed be an MMORPG game, as many had guessed.

Now, Street has taken to Twitter (via MassivelyOP) to caution fans that “there is no guarantee this game will ship. We are optimistic, but you just never know until it does.” However, this is not indicative of any problems with the LoL MMO, as he says that “things are going super well” with its development, but states that “Riot’s game standards are high and so are the expectations of players,” adding, “we won’t ship a disappointing game”.

Street notes that this will be the fourth major franchise game he has worked on in his career, the others being Age of Empires III, World of Warcraft, and League itself. He adds that the MMO is “likely the last”, suggesting he may leave game development after it is complete – if it ships at all, of course.

As for League of Legends, to find the Season 12 patch schedule just head to that link.