New LoL champ Nilah abilities harness a demon of joy

League of Legends' newest champion, Nilah, is a warrior ascetic who controls a powerful 'demon of joy,' sharing its energy with her comrades

League of Legends Nilah abilities: Dark-haired Nilah slashes her watery sword as airships collide with a demon in the sky behind her.

League of Legends welcomes its newest champion, Nilah the Joy Unbound, onto the MOBA game’s public beta environment today. Nilah is a warrior ascetic, a skirmisher from a faraway land, and she’s bound to a powerful demon of joy. Nilah’s abilities are centred on this demon, and the joyful energy she radiates on the battlefield because of it.

Nilah’s passive is called Joy Unending, and it effectively buffs the amount of experience Nilah and her allies get when Nilah last-hits a minion. Half of the XP that would normally be lost to sharing last-hit XP with nearby allies is instead granted back to Nilah and the nearest allied champ. Nilah also gets additional benefits from allied heals, and shares that buff with her nearby allies.


Her Q is called Formless Blade, and it gives Nilah a bit more reach with her passive attack with her water-based whip-sword. On the active side, it attacks in a long cone shaped area-of-effect directly in front of her. Hitting an enemy increases her range and attack speed briefly.

Nilah’s W is called Jubilant Veil. This is a cloud of mist that envelops Nilah and grants increased movement speed, a reduction to incoming magic damage, and automatic dodge to all incoming basic attacks. What’s more, Nilah can touch an ally while using this ability and grant them the same bonuses, albeit for half the duration.

Her E ability is Slipstream, and this allows Nilah to dash through a target unit, damaging every enemy she phases through on the way. She can hold up to two charges of Slipstream at a time. It also combos with Formless Blade, allowing Nilah to pull a wave into her path. This causes damage and also activates Nilah’s empowered attacks.

Finally, Nilah’s R is called Apotheosis, and this causes Nilah to spin her watery blade around her. Enemies struck by the attack are pulled toward her for a final burst, and a portion of any damage dealt will heal Nilah, with excess healing converting into an energy shield. Both healing and the shield scale with crit strike change, and they’re shared with nearby allies.

Again, Nilah is now available on the League of Legends PBE, and she’s a designed as a bottom-lane skirmisher. It sounds like she’ll be a lively addition to the League roster.