The last free League of Legends drop is finally here

League of Legends and Prime Gaming have ended their partnership, providing players of the MOBA one last drop that's available right now.

League of Legends Prime Gaming final drop: a man doing some sort of martial arts move

All good things must come to an end, including corporate partnerships. Riot Games and Prime Gaming are now parting ways, meaning League of Legends and Valorant players will no longer enjoy free drops by subscribing to Amazon Prime.

Riot announced the end of the deal back in December, where it was confirmed that bonuses for League of Legends were going away sooner rather than later. Consistently one of the most popular MOBAs available, the community has enjoyed loot drops as part of a monthly Prime sub for years now, so it’s a resource that many have gotten used to.

Sadly, this month, February 2024, has the last drop in the multiplayer game‘s promotion. If you’re already subbed to Prime, you can obtain a 1350 RP skin, a mystery ward skin, a random champion shard, and other goodies right now. This promo is also open to new subscribers, so you can get the package by just signing up as well.

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The same goes for Valorant, which is offering a new Spray as the final drop. Valorant’s offerings were always smaller than League’s, but complementary stuff is always nice, and no doubt the community will miss such a convenient source of additional features.

The final League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule is available until March 14, 2024, while Valorant’s runs to February 26, 2024. So get on it if you’re keen.

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