League of Legends Quick Play is postponed, but not for long

The new League of Legends Quick Play mode has taken a back seat with all of the new ranked changes, but Riot promises that it'll be here before the year is out.

League of Legends Quick Play is postponed, but not for long: A demonic woman with pink eyes and her hair tied back in a high ponytail walks towardss the camera menacingly looking down with two, crystalline, purple curved daggers in a white ruffled blouse

In the wake of huge changes to the League of Legends ranked system, the new Quick Play mode has had to take a backseat. As the MOBA settles down following a barrage of huge changes, though, League of Legends Quick Play mode is back on the agenda, and will hopefully ship soon.

It’s been a pretty turbulent time for League of Legends players. With huge changes to ranked and Yuumi in the firing line yet again, Summoner’s Rift is in a little bit of a weird state.

I’ve found some of my games taking 20 minutes, while others drag on for at least an hour, and while I enjoy hurling torrents of (loving) abuse at my bot lane partner in crime, I’ve found myself yearning for that rumored Quick Play mode that will hopefully cut matches down a little.

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Since its initial reveal we haven’t heard much about quickplay, but lead producer for League of Legends on game loop Chris ‘Auberaun’ Roberts has hinted that it’ll drop before the end of the year.

“We were hoping to get Quick Play out before the midyear patch but weren’t quite able to finish before we had to pivot to Emerald and other ranked split two stuff,” he writes. “So we’ll be picking it back up shortly and plan to get it out later this year.”

A Reddit comment from Riot developer Auberaun discussing League of Legends quick play mode

New modes are something that LoL fans have been requesting for a while, and while the upcoming 2v2v2v2 mode is exciting, Quick Play will have more impact on the game overall.

When Valorant added Quick Play, it changed my experience entirely, allowing me to jump in and pop heads for a few rounds without feeling like I had lost my entire evening to a singular game. At the moment, that’s unfortunately where I’m at with League: I find myself only playing one or two games before I need to, y’know, sleep.

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