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League of Legends ranked changes are set to give you a promotion

League of Legends ranked changes are coming for split 2 of the LoL ranked 2023 season, with a new Emerald rank meaning promotions are in store for most players.

League of Legends ranked changes - Ezreal, a young man with fair blond hair, his eyes shimmering green in the light of the new Emerald rank.

League of Legends ranked changes are on the way for LoL ranked split 2 of the 2023 season. Riot’s world-beating MOBA is about to deploy a rank reset for the second half of the year, and the team talks about how its season 13 changes have been going, the new Emerald rank, and why you’re probably better at League of Legends than you thought.

Riot’s Chris ‘Auberaun’ Roberts seems largely happy with the key changes made moving into this year’s ranked season, which included a shortening of Promotion Series and the removal of visible rank influence from matchmaking. However, he admits that the latter change has resulted in more smurfs in regular games, saying the team “knowingly made the tradeoff” to improve the returning player experience, but isn’t happy with “the current impact of smurfing.”

So what’s coming in ranked split 2, which is set to begin July 8? System lead Evan ‘Revenancer’ Humphreys explains, and it’s good news for the vast majority of players. “Historically, League has had a very bottom-heavy distribution of rankings,” he says, with more than 60% of the players typically residing in the Silver and Bronze ranks. Typically, online games tend to have the Silver/Gold split as the point where the ‘average’ skill player lies.

This means that “compared to most games with similar ranking systems, we label a significant portion of players one tier lower.” That’s right, you haven’t been in ELO hell after all – Riot just rates everyone a bit lower than you might have expected. That’s being changed in split 2, meaning that “many players will see their end rank be higher than before.”

League of Legends ranked changes - two graphs showing the evening out of the player base across ranks with the introduction of a new Emerald rank.

Those players have to go somewhere, of course, and simply shuffling more people up into the high-end ranks might diminish their exclusivity and prestige, so we’re getting a new League of Legends Emerald rank. This will be familiar to those of you who’ve played Wild Rift, but if you haven’t then it slots in nicely between the Diamond and Platinum ranks, holding roughly the same number of players as Platinum currently does.

The team is also lowering the number of placement games you’ll need to play from ten to five, given that the ladder reset for split 2 is more “gentle” than a full refresh. However, Riot says it’s currently intending to keep this change in place for next season as well. Following on from the earlier response to shorter Promotion Series, they’re now being removed altogether – instead you’ll simply move directly between tiers when your LP reaches the necessary milestone.

League of Legends ranked season 13 split 2 changes

League of Legends ranked season 13 split 2 starts Tuesday July 8, 2023. Here are the main changes being introduced for the upcoming split:

  • New Emerald rank (between Diamond and Platinum), which will hold roughly the same number of players as Platinum currently does.
  • Placement games reduced from ten to five.
  • Promotion Series removed.

Riot’s also putting the best Wild Rift skins in League of Legends moving forwards, but you’ll want to keep an eye on how much you’ve spent on League of Legends before buying them all. Take a look through our League of Legends tier list if you’re trying to figure out who’s best in 13.11.