League of Legends champion Rammus is getting an update soon

The Armordillio is in for some gameplay tweaks in the not-too-distant future

League of Legends champion Rammus is in for a batch of tweaks in the not-too-distant future. Gameplay design director Mark ‘Riot Scruffy’ Yetter has posted a new rundown of some gameplay thoughts the team has over The Armordillo, so we’ve got an idea of the changes headed his way soon.

Yetter explains that, with Rammus on the way to League’s sister mobile multiplayer game Wild Rift, the two MOBA games’ respective dev teams have collaborated to “upgrade the parts of his gameplay that had aged the most while keeping his iconic speedy core intact”. While the teams are keen to keep the two versions of Rammus “as similar as possible”, there are some changes specific to PC League that the gameplay team is keen to introduce in order to “keep his core play pattern intact but upgrade some of the spells (like R) that are most under-delivering”.

The team’s goals with these changes are multi-faceted. The dev explains aims for an increased number gameplay options for the champ, giving Rammus players “a distinctive high-point that properly reflects his high-speed fantasy”, making him power-neutral, and improvements to VFX and SFX clarity and satisfaction.

The early-look changelist for the champ is as follows (via Riot Games), though it’s worth noting that these are just gameplay thoughts – as such, they’re not set in stone, so may change or not hit the game in the end, depending on various factors.

Puncturing Taunt (E)

  • Taunt duration is increased by 250% on monsters.
  • Cooldown: 12/11.5/11/105/10 changed to 12 at all ranks
  • Taunt Duration: 1.25-2.25 changed to 1-2 seconds
    • (Trimming some power here to account for his powerful new ultimate)

Soaring Slam (R)

  • Rammus leaps into the air and slams down at a target location, dealing magic damage and Slowing enemies for one second.
  • If Soaring Slam is cast while Rammus is in Powerball, enemies near the center are also knocked up and take Powerball’s collision damage, ending Powerball’s effect.
  • Rammus also generates three additional aftershocks at the target location, each one dealing a small amount of magic damage and refreshing the initial slow.
  • Soaring Slam deals 200% damage to turrets.
  • Soaring Slam’s range increased based on Rammus’ Move Speed.
  • Cooldown: 100/80/60 changed to 120/100/80 seconds

It’s not clear when “soon” might be for these changes, but you can keep an eye on the League of Legends 2021 patch schedule if you’re keen to see when gameplay updates are due over the rest of the year. We also have a rundown of the tentative League of Legends patch 11.2 notes if you’re curious about what’s headed to the multiplayer game this very week.