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League of Legends remake function is still broken, but Riot is on it

The League of Legends remake function comes in clutch in Riot Games' MOBA when there's an AFK player on your ranked squad, but the system still isn't working

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The League of Legends remake system pops up when you have an AFK player on your team, allowing you to abandon the match early to avoid losing your all-important LP in the MOBA‘s ranked matches. It appears in the first 90 seconds of the game if certain criteria are met, but players remain adamant that its current iteration isn’t quite enough.

As of League of Legends patch 12.21, if you have an inactive player on your team for a period of 90 seconds, the remake option will appear. You have 30 seconds from when the player was first discovered as inactive to remake, otherwise the game will continue. If you’re in a 4v5, two players need to vote in favour of the remake, and if it’s a 3v5 then only one vote is needed.

Despite this change, players have noted that “remake is still broken.” It turns out that, despite LoL icon and Twitch sensation Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp’s recent rant about AFK players, Riot’s new detection system still isn’t taking into account players who are simply sitting in the fountain and not buying items.

Attaching an image of an AFK Pyke in one of their games, one angry League of Legends fan writes “despite making a big noise about claiming it fixed this after Tyler1’s rant, once again Riot can’t work out a player has not left base for three minutes.”

This prompted a response from LoL’s game loop product lead Chris ‘Auberaun’ Roberts, who comments “yeah that sucks, as mentioned in the patch 12.21 notes we didn’t significantly modify the detection code, in 12.22 we should have the fountain check coming that would catch this case.” The original poster then replies “well that is good at least.”

While an AFK in a solo queue game is frustrating enough, losing LP due to something entirely beyond your control is a lot worse. Having been on the receiving end of it many a time when a player doesn’t get their role and throws a tantrum, or alternatively has genuine connection issues and can’t help but keep running back to the fountain mid-tower dive, it’s a huge tilter. Hopefully Riot delivers next patch, but for now it looks like we’ll just have to bite our tongues.

If you’re looking forward to a new remake system, it’ll likely drop alongside the League of Legends preseason 2023 changes, which we’ve listed in full. Additionally, if you fancy tilting yourself even more, be sure to check out how much money you’ve spent on League of Legends – then you’ll never want to play again (until the next cool skin line drops).