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League of Legends Star Guardian event ends abruptly following backlash

The League of Legends Star Guardian event comes to an abrupt end, with all participants to receive the non-premium rewards due to technical difficulties

league of legends star guardian event 2022 ends after technical issues: star guardian zoe splash art young girl with long blue hair and black outfit against space background

The League of Legends Star Guardians – a team of high schoolers with superhuman powers, their only mission is to protect the innocent and their own friendships. The wholesome message this team brings to League of Legends quickly turned sour when the event was met with various technical issues, meaning players couldn’t progress the story or even collect the rewards they were due.

Because of this, the Riot support team posted a series of tweets letting everyone know that they were aware of the delays and that a fix was on the way. Well, we now have that fix. They’re getting rid of all the missions.

As of August 12, all non-premium Star Guardian event missions will be removed from the client and Riot will grant all free rewards for players who created an account before that date. The token shop and paid missions from the Star Guardian pass will be extended to 24 August.

“When these rewards are granted they may not appear when you log in, but they’ll be added to players’ accounts. In the coming days, we’ll have a more detailed update.”

The overall response to this statement has been, unsurprisingly, negative, with players bemoaning the lack of communication up until now, and the fact that some paid missions have not been rewarded. One user posted:

“Okay just a feedback, when something like this happens, please be quick on the announcements guys, we were days and weeks with no answers at all, if I knew the pass would continue to the 24th I wouldn’t have spent all my tokens on orbs cause I gave up the mythic essence.”
So for all those players who are still waiting on their rewards, there isn’t much longer to go. The free rewards should be added to your account today, and hopefully, be redeemable soon after. In the meantime, why not keep up to date with the in-game changes and check out the League of Legends 12.15 patch notes. If you’re looking to expand your champion pool, this guide on the best League of Legends champions might give you some idea, and after the premium pass debacle that was Star Guardians, it might be worth keeping up to date with how much you’ve spent in League of Legends.