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Legends of Runeterra open beta patch notes - card changes for beta season

Riot details the card changes and other tweaks coming for the card game's first real season


The Legends of Runeterra beta release date is just around the corner, which means it’s time to see what’s headed to the game for its first ever-ranked season. There’s a raft of updates, tweaks, goodies, bugfixes, and more to come for Beta Season, but fear not – we’ve broken down the patch notes below so you’ll know what to expect when the Legends of Runeterra Open Beta arrives.

The headline of the patch is the set of card updates Riot is making to the game, with adjustments to the Legends of Runeterra Champions, followers, and spells, as well the cards’ visuals and clarity. There are also a few minor tweaks to gameplay to check out. Most of these are designed to help balance the game out, with a mixture of significant and smaller changes across multiple Champ, unit, and spell cards.

In addition, there are updates to the card game’s economy, with changes reaching across elements like coin costs to experience gained through victories. There’s also a new feature called a Collections tab, which lets you customise (and personalise) your experience of LoR gameplay through unlocking and managing your boards and guardians.

The first patch also brings tweaks to attack and initiative icons, Champion visibility, and some fixes to known hiccups. Read on to find out all you need to know ahead of the Legends of Runeterra Open Beta launch.

Legends of Runeterra Open Beta Card Updates

Champion Card Changes

Anivia Level 1 – changed

  • Stats:
    • Cost: Increased to 7 from 6
    • Power: Decreased to 2 from 4
    • Health: Increased to 4 from 3
  • Text:
    • Now says: “Attack: Deal 1 to all enemies. [Last Breath]: Revive me transformed into [Eggnivia]. Level Up: You’re Enlightened.”
    • Previously said: “Can’t Block. Attack: Deal 1 to all enemies. [Last Breath]: Revive me transformed into [Eggnivia].”

Anivia Level 2 – changed

  • Stats:
    • Cost: Increased to 7 from 6
    • Power: Decreased to 3 from 5
    • Health: Increased to 5 from 4
  • Text:
    • Now says: “Attack: Deal 2 to all enemies. [Last Breath]: Revive me transformed into [Eggnivia].”
    • Previously said: “Can’t Block. Attack: Deal 2 to all enemies. [Last Breath]: Revive me transformed into [Eggnivia]”

Eggnivia – buffed

  • Stats:
    • Health: Increased to 2 from 1
  • Text:
    • Now says: “Level Up: Start of Round: If you’re Enlightened, transform me back into Anivia and Level Up.”
    • Previously said: “Can’t Block. Level Up: Start of Round: Transform me back into Anivia and Level Up.”

Ezreal Level 2 – changed

  • Text:
    • Now says: “Nexus Strike: Create a [Fleeting] [Mystic Shot]. When you cast a spell, deal 2 to the enemy Nexus.”
    • Previously said: Nexus Strike: Create a zero cost [Fleeting] [Mystic Shot]. When you cast a spell, deal 2 to the enemy Nexus.”

Vladimir Level 1 – buffed

  • Text:
    • Now says: “Level Up: You’ve had 6+ allies survive damage.”
    • Previously said: “Level Up: You’ve had 6+ other allies survive damage.”

Tryndamere Level 2 – changed

  • Text:
    • Now says: “[Overwhelm] [Fearsome]”
    • Previously said: “[Overwhelm] [Fearsome] [Tough]”



  • Rarity changed to Rare from Common

Fleetfeather Tracker

  • Text:
    • Now says: “When you summon another ally, grant me [Challenger]”
    • Previously said: “[Challenger]”

Avarosan Hearthguard

  • Stats:
    • Health decreased to 5 from 6

Catalyst of Aeons

  • Stats:
    • Cost: Increased to 5 from 4

Wyrding Stones

  • Stats:
    • Health: Decreased to 3 from 4

Cloud Drinker

  • Stats:
    • Health: Decreased to 5 from 7
  • Text:
    • Now says: “[Burst] spells cost 1 less.”
    • Previously said: “Your [Burst} spells cost 1 less. [Enlightened]: They cost 2 less instead.”

Flame Chompers

  • Stats:
    • Health: Increased to 2 from 1

Back Alley Barkeep

  • Stats:
    • Power: Increased to 3 from 2

Boomcrew Rookie

  • Stats:
    • Power: Increased to 1 from 0

Chempunk Pickpocket

  • Stats:
    • Power: Increased to 3 from 2

Chempunk Shredder

  • Stats:
    • Increased to 5 from 4

Parade Electrorig

  • Stats:
    • Power: Decreased to 2 from 3
    • Health: Increased to 4 from 3

Plaza Guardian

  • Stats:
    • Power: Increased to 6 from 5
    • Health: Increased to 6 from 5

Sumpsnipe Scavenger

  • Stats:
    • Health: Increased to 3 from 2

Used Cask Salesman

  • Stats:
    • Power: Increased to 3 from 2

The Rekindler

  • Stats:
    • Power: Decreased to 4 from 5
    • Health: Decreased to 4 from 5


  • Stats:
    • Health: Increased to 3 from 2
  • Text:
    • Now says: “Fearsome. [Allegiance]: Summon a [Mistwraith].”
    • Previously said: “[Allegiance]: Summon a [Mistwraith].”



  • All account progression and content from the preview patches has been reset. There will be no further account resets
  • Updated coin price points and purchasing power, mostly to align with price point standards on the Play Store and the App Store
  • Adjusted Shard values and rewards to preserve the 10:1 ratio between Shard and Coin costs for content, as well as make some minor tweaks to relative shard values (e.g., Rare & Epic 4th copies are worth a bit more, Common 4th copies a bit less)
  • Adjusted content prices in Shards & Coins to align with the above changes, though again there’s some minor variation (e.g., Common Wildcards are relatively cheaper, Epic Wildcards relatively more expensive)
  • Vault, Expedition, Prologue, and general chest rewards have all been updated
  • Updated XP rewards to help you make progress without the grind—you’ll now earn bonus XP for your first few wins of the day and get more XP from losses, while XP gains will now tail off as you reach many hours of LoR in a given day


  • Collections tab added—unlock and manage your boards & guardians here
  • Loadout functionality for boards and guardians added to all modes.
  • 6 new region-inspired boards
    • Hall of Valor
    • Reckoners Arena
    • Iceborn Peak
    • Clifftop Monastery
    • Hextech Lab
    • Cursed Ruins
  • 3 new guardians
    • T-Hex
    • Gromp Jr.
    • Scaled Snapper

Visuals and minor teaks

  • Updated visuals:
    • Heimerdinger level-up effects updated
    • Super Mega Death Rocket now resolves more quickly
  • “Play” -> “Summon” (can now be profitably cloned, resurrected, etc):
    • Legion General
    • Greenglade Elder
  • Now resolves when target doesn’t die (e.g.m Tryndamere). Still ‘fizzles’ if target is removed:
    • Glimpse Beyond
    • Atrocity
    • Ethereal Remitter
  • Can now be played with a full board of units:
    • Navori Conspirator
    • Ravenous Butcher
    • Ancient Crocolith
  • Now requires an open unit slot:
    • Possession
  • Ready your attack -> [Rally] (keyword):
    • Katarina (Level 2)
    • Lucian (Level 2)
    • Relentless Pursuit
    • Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit
    • Shunpo
    • Tianna Crownguard
    • Garen (Level 2)
      • Also now takes a break on rounds where you already have an attack token.
  • Text updated for clarity:
    • Shark Chariot
    • The Rekindler (also received stat changes—check above)
  • Rarity shift:
    • Silverwing Vanguard changed from Rare to Common.

Attack and initiative Icons

  • Initiative icons (swapping sword & shield) removed from the board and replaced with a new indicator under the attack token
  • Attack token (near mana dial & the button) has received updated visuals and now also indicates round initiative

Champion visibility

  • Pre-match champion ceremony
    • Players will now see their deck’s champions in their banner while queued, and their opponent’s champions once they match
    • Just before mulligan, players will now see the champions & regions for each player’s deck
    • In-game deck inspect now additionally lets you click on a champion’s portrait to see their card text and associated cards
  • Deck pop-ups for level-up progress
    • Champions who can make level-up progress from your deck (e.g., Ezreal, Hecarim) will now pop up to show both players when progress is being made toward their level-up
    • To avoid revealing info, these pop-ups occur regardless of the number of copies remaining in your deck


  • RAM usage improvements
  • Keyboard shortcuts added
    • Spacebar: the button
    • A: attack all / retreat all
    • Esc: open settings menu
  • Local time zones
    • New quests / rerolls, Vault unlocks, and Expeditions availability now update at more suitable local times (rather than a single, global time) based on the shard you’re playing on
  • Expeditions
    • Various tweaks to archetypes
    • Trade pick logic improved
  • Tutorial improvements
    • Various cards updated.
    • Optional tutorials reordered for better flow (thanks day9!)

Known issues

  • Purchasing cards with wildcards or shards does not visually update your wildcard or shard total (actual total remains correct). This issue will be fixed with our next small release in less than two weeks. Until then, changing pages within the client (i.e., backing out to your decks, then going back into deckbuilder) should correct your totals


  • Fixed an issue where the Vault occasionally couldn’t be claimed
  • Vaults can now be claimed immediately if you’re playing when the timer expires, rather than requiring a re-log
  • Fixed an issue where Expedition trials occasionally couldn’t be completed after seven wins
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could lose their decklist after a match
  • Tutorial cards with flavor text now correctly show it
  • Tutorial Heimerdinger’s level up quest now correctly increments when spiders are killed
  • Fixed some post-game delays on optional tutorials
  • Optional tutorials should now correctly grant XP
  • Shady Character’s VFX should now play properly when played
  • Balesight’s Obliterate VFX should now correctly display on cards in hand

If you’re diving into Riot’s new card game for the first time, check out our guides to Legends of Runeterra champions, Legends of Runeterra cards, and Legends of Runeterra decks for a leg up on the competition.

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