How to get Lego Fortnite amber and cut amber

You'll need to mine rough amber for many recipes in Lego Fortnite including the gem cutter and, in turn, cut amber later down the line.

How do you get cut amber in Lego Fortnite? After you’ve been playing through the new survival crafting mode in Fortnite, you’ll come to realize that stone just won’t cut it anymore. Thus begins your gem harvesting journey. The first of these is amber, and you can find rough amber and turn it into cut amber to craft tools like the rare pickaxe.

You’ll need to be in the Lego Fornite desert biome, the Dry Valley, and make sure you bring some wood to craft stairs to reach the higher points, as they’re not all easily accessible. With the right Lego Fortnite weapons, you should be well-equipped to deal with enemies in the survival game on your way to locate rough amber.

Lego Fortnite rough amber location

To find rough amber in Lego Fortnite, climb the rocky cliffs in the Dry Valley, the desert biome. Using an uncommon pickaxe, mine the amber deposits to get rough amber.

Rough amber can be found at the top of most rocky cliffs in the Dry Valley, and is vital to harvest if you want to eventually have cut amber. It’s important to note that any pickaxe of uncommon rarity or above will be able to mine amber, but your standard brown pickaxe won’t touch it.

Rough amber can be used to upgrade your village, which is going to be one of the first occasions you need to harvest this resource.

Lego Fornite cut amber needs a gem cutter

How to make Lego Fortnite cut amber

After harvesting enough rough amber from the Dry Valley, you can use it in the gem cutter to create cut amber.

To make a gem cutter you will need marble slabs, sand claws, sand shells, and rough amber. Processing rough amber through the gem cutter will create cut amber.

You’ll need cut amber to craft tools such as the rare pickaxe, which is required to harvest things like Lego Fortnite flexwood. If you’ve had enough of mining for one day, why not find out all you need to know about Lego Fortnite fertilizer, so you can progress your burgeoning farming career.