How to upgrade Lego Fortnite village

Everything you need to know about how to upgrade your Lego Fortnite village, what villagers can do for you, and how to increase levels.

A Lego Fortnite village, complete with plants and houses.

How do you upgrade the Lego Fortnite village? Upon creating the Village Square, you’ll soon attract a whole bunch of Loopers who have suddenly found themselves on this new island with nowhere to go. Obviously, they’ll need a bed to sleep in, but they’ll also not move in if they feel the village is rather crowded.

This is where upgrading the Lego Fortnite village plays a key role. Not only will each level allow you to increase the number of residents in each village up to a maximum of five, but you’ll also get village rewards that help with generating items to help you create Lego Fortnite weapons and tools, or perhaps cook up some meals with items looted from Lego Fortnite animals. Either way, it’s worth buffing your Lego Fortnite village level, so here is how to do it.

Lego Rogue is talking to Lego Sunflower in the Lego Fortnite village about foraging for items.

How to increase the Lego Fortnite village level

To increase your Lego Fortnite village level, you need first to create a Village Square. This requires only ten wood and ten granite to complete. Interact with the village square to open its menu. Inside, you’ll see a progress bar at the top. When this is flashing, you’re ready to upgrade to the next level by clicking Upgrade Village. Once you have the required items, click Upgrade Village to finish the update.

Increasing the progress bar for your village will require you to invest in building shelters, crafting decorations, and adding new stations to enable you and your villagers to make stuff. It may take a lot of new buildings or items to increase this experience bar, so keep making stuff from the resources around you. The larger and more complex the structure, station, or decoration, the higher it increases your level of progress.

Every villager you have as a resident can be tasked with finding more resources or refining them into more complex components. To do this, interact with them and set them a job. You’ll need to check back with them by talking to them again later and selecting the “How’s the job going?” option. If they have no items, they’ll say they’re a certain percentage from completing the job.

The requirements to upgrade a Lego Fortnite village to level 4.

Lego Fortnite village level requirements

Here are all the known Fortnite village-level requirements:

Village level Requirements Upgrade level rewards
1 Build Village Square Friendly Visitors (explorers will visit)
Growing Village (+1 permanent resident)
2 Wood x15
Granite x15
Foragers for Hire (villager task)
3 Plank x10
Granite x20
For Me? (villagers occasionally give gifts
Growing Village (+1 permanent resident)
4 Knotroot x10
Plank x15
Granite x25
Get Cooking (villager task)
Branching Out  (villager task)
5 Knotroot x15
Planks x20
Marble x15
Must-See Destination (rare explorers will visit)
Well-rested (bonus health and defense for villagers)
Growing Village (+1 permanent resident)
6 Knotroot x20
Granite slabs x20
Refined Production (villager task)
Ready to Rock (villager task)
7 Knotroot rods x20
Marble slabs x20
Gifts Galore (villagers gift unique new recipes)
8 Marble slabs x30
Rough amber x10
Growing Village (+1 permanent resident)
9 Flexwood Rods x15
Obsidian x15
Cut amber x10
Go Forth and Forage (NPCs can forage from other biomes. Woodcutters produce more wood types. Stonecutters produce more stone types.
10 Flexwood rods x15
Obsidian slabs x30
Cut amber x20
Growing Village (+1 permanent resident)

Those are all the Lego Fortnite village upgrade requirements we know of so far, but we’ll, of course, keep digging to see what you need for the higher levels. In the meantime, there are plenty of changes to the battle royale game mode in the newest Chapter, so here are the latest updates to the Fortnite map and the Fortnite weapons table.