How to get Lego Fortnite fertilizer

It's an icky business, but someone's got to gather the Lego Fortnite fertilizer to help the plants grow, and there's only one way to do it.

Lego Rogue is standing next to a herd of cows, waiting for them to produce Lego Fortnite fertlizer.

How do you get Lego Fortnite fertilizer? Chances are that if you’ve been exploring the massive open world long enough, you’ll find some seeds that you can plant to make plants grow. Of course, the garden plot you sow the seeds into needs nutrients, and to get some decent compost, you need fertilizer.

Plants are just one of the many ways you can build your Lego Fortnite settlements. If you want to prosper in the survival game mode, you’ll need every building you can make to improve the Lego Fortnite village level and attract more helpers. That said, you’re doing to need to get your hands dirty, so here’s everything you need to know about getting Lego Fortnite fertilizer.

Rogue is about to pick up a dung pile, which is Lego Fortnite fertilizer. Some cows are nearby and are the ones who laid the cow pats.

How to gather Lego Fortnite fertilizer

Find a herd of cows or goats and wait around until they deposit Lego Fortnite fertilizer onto the ground. Cows have particularly good fertilizer frequency, and while sheep are also good poop producers, they’re nowhere near the level of cows.

How to use Lego Fortnite fertilizer

Go to your crafting station and build a shovel (read our Lego Fortnite weapons guide to learn how to do this) to start digging into the dirt. You need to pick up two pieces of dirt for each fertilizer. Once you have these items, you can create a Garden Plot to deposit your seeds into.

After planting your seeds of choice, it takes a reasonable time for the plant to mature and provide you with any fruit and vegetables. Collecting the item from the plant exhausts it, so be sure to have a stack of seeds on each plot to carry on growing the same plant type.

Lego Fortnite fertilizer is not the only thing you can obtain from these creatures, as there are plenty of Lego Fortnite animal items that you can get by petting or killing them. While things are kicking off in this new mode, don’t forget about the battle royale game‘s newest chapter, which has a brand new Fortnite map and updated Fortnite weapons list.