How to get Lego Fortnite animal items – milk, eggs, wool, meat

Whether you decide to befriend or slay the Lego Fortnite animals, here is everything you need to know about all the loot you can get.

Lego Rogue, armed with a sword and shield, is defending three sheep grazing on a hill, as they're precious Lego Fortnite animals.

How do you get Lego Fortnite animal products? This loot is helpful not only for making delicious food back in your village but also for getting some components required to make the more complex tools or items you need to upgrade your village.

While gathering loot from enemies is a relatively straightforward affair, and petting animals isn’t all that tricky either, they have separate loot on offer if you decide to kill them instead. It’s not nice, granted, especially as these adorable Lego Fortnite animals haven’t done anything to you, but sometimes, great sacrifices need to be made in survival games. While you’re here, you may also wish to learn how to make Lego Fortnite weapons to defend yourself with, but for now, here are all the Lego Fortnite animal items.

Lego Rogue is petting a chicken to get its Lego Fortnite animals item.

Lego Fortnite animal items

Some animals are not hostile, but you can pet them for extra items. To do this, approach them and press the interact button to pet them. They most regularly appear during the daytime, while many enemies only appear in caves or at night. A short animation will play before the animal gives you the item.

One of the other animals to watch out for are the glowing butterflies. They can lead you to big treasure chests full of items or a Loot Llama you can pet. After stroking the colorful animal, it will burst into loot confetti, mainly consisting of seeds for you to plant in your village gardens.

Here are all the Lego Fortnite animal items and loot you can get from slaying enemies:

Friendly Animals

  • Cow
    • Pet – 1x milk
    • Kill – 1x meat
  • Sheep
    • Pet – 1x wool
    • Kill – 1x meat
  • Chicken
    • Pet – 1x egg
    • Kill – 1x meat and 1x feather
  • Llama
    • Pet – bursts into several randomized items.
    • Kill – currently unknown.

Lego Rogue is fighting against a wolf in a forest, which is one of the hostile Lego Fortnite animals. A butterfly glows nearby.


  • Spider – 1x silk
  • Wolf – 4x wolf claw and 1x meat
  • Roller – 1x shell
  • Skeleton – 2x bones and a heavily damaged version of any item they were holding (will drop only bones if they were holding nothing)
  • Golemunknown as it’s very tough to kill.

We’re pretty sure there are many more Lego Fortnite animal items to find as we explore deeper into the new crafting game mode, but you should also keep an eye on the battle royale game mode changes as we transition into the new Chapter. Here are the latest updates to the Fortnite map and the Fortnite weapons table.