Lego Fortnite map – all biomes and locations

The Lego Fortnite map is a huge, procedurally generated world for you to explore, but which biomes exist and what can be found in each one?

The Lego Fortnite map: a pink-haired Lego character waves

How many biomes does the Lego Fortnite map have? The new survival crafting mode of Fortnite has arrived, and with it are new biomes and locations to explore. But just how big is the procedurally generated map, and which points of interest should you take a trek over to?

Lego Fortnite will generate a world for you based on the seed that you use. You can select a random one, or choose from our list of the best Lego Fornite seeds to ensure you’ve got everything you need nearby for crafting Lego Fortnite weapons, furniture, and more.

All Lego Fortnite map biomes

Each procedurally generated map has a selection of biomes for you to explore. You’ll always start in the Grasslands, but the remaining biomes are randomly located throughout your map. Biomes have unique creatures, resources, and variants of skeletons and scoundrels.

The Lego Fortnite map biomes are:

The Lego Fortnite map is built from the grasslands out


When you’re starting out on your Lego Fortnite adventure you’ll spawn in the Grasslands, which are the safest areas of any Lego Fortnite map. There are plenty of resources nearby to get started with, and barely any enemies that spawn during the daytime. Here you’ll find spiders, stone rollers, and the wild wolf to deal with. In terms of resources, you can get granite, wood, soil, vines, slurp mushrooms, wheat, knotroot, marble, feathers, fertilizer, silk, wolf claws, wool, blast powder, bones, brute scales, and shells in the Grasslands.

Lego Fortnite map: the shores exist near any large body of water


The shores are beachy areas that are relatively small in size. You can find them, perhaps unsurprisingly, near large bodies of water. The enemies you’ll encounter on the shores include the hermit crab, sand rollers, and brutes. The Shores are a good place to search for brute scales.

Lego Fortnite map generates the dry valley which is safe at night from overheating

Dry Valley

The dry valley is the desert biome of the Lego Fortnite map, and can cause you to overheat and take damage if you’re not adequately prepared. Some foods, such as Snowberry Shakes, can grant you 10 minutes of heat resistance while the Cool-Headed Charm artifact will also mitigate the overwhelming heat. Adventuring during the night time means you won’t need to face overheating issues, but the enemies are much more plentiful. Here you’ll find the sand roller, sand scorpion, sand spider, sand wolf, and sand brute. In terms of resources, you can find rough amber, brightcore, copper, flexwood, obsidian, rough ruby, blast cores, sand brute scales, sand claws, and sand shells in the Dry Valley.

Lego Fortnite frostlands are randomly generated on the Lego Fortnite map


Where the Dry Valley puts you at risk of overheating, Frostlands brings its own perils. You’ll need cold resistance here, so a torch can partially help but the more effective means of survival include Spicy Peppers or Spicy Burgers, or the Inner Fire Charm artifact. Here you’ll find the frost roller, frost scorpion, frost spider, frost wolf, and frost brute. For resources, you will find heavy wool, frost shells, frost brute scales, cursed bones, arctic claws, rough sapphires, malachite, iron, and frostpine in the Frostlands.

Lego Fortnite caves extend deep underground in the Lego Fortnite map


There are caves placed randomly throughout the Grasslands, Dry Valley, and Frostlands. Each one has its own type of cave despite the entrances looking very similar. You’ll spot them easily, since it’s made up of a large dome of rocks and a smaller entrance. While inside a cave you can’t access your map, and they run deep underground with entrances spread far apart on the map. This means you could enter and leave at opposite ends of the map. When going deep underground in the lava caves of the Dry Valley you run the risk of overheating, so take Snowberry Shakes or the Cool-Headed Charm with you to survive. Here you’ll find skeletons and roller-type enemies as well as spiders. The lava caves also contain blasters.

Now that you know all of the Lego Fortnite biomes as well as their enemies and resources, maybe it’s time to brush up on Lego Fortnite fertilizer to start that burgeoning farming career off? If that’s not your thing either, you could look into Lego Fortnite obsidian to make some of the most powerful tools in the game.