How to find Lego Fortnite caves

Some of the best loot is inside the Lego Fortnite caves, so here's everything about how to find them and how to survive the horrors inside.

Four brave Lego explorers are running towards one of the many Lego Fortnite caves.

How do you find Lego Fortnite caves? As you navigate the most popular of the three Fortnite spin-off modes introduced during Chapter 5 Season 1, you’ll notice that your equipment isn’t cutting it. To make better uncommon rarity gear, you’ll need to do some spelunking, which requires some advanced preparation.

Finding caves in Lego Fortnite is just the first step in getting some of the more advanced materials, such as Lego Fortnite marble and Lego Fortnite knotroot. You’ll also need to defend yourself against some rather tough enemies that can easily swarm you and end your survival game run.

The Lego Fortnite caves show up on the map screen with a cave icon.

Where do you find Lego Fortnite caves?

To find Lego Fortnite caves, you’ll need to wander around the island until you come across a large rock. If you check your in-game map and see a cave icon, you’ve found what you’re looking for. Approach the entrance and press the assigned button to enter the cave.

Inside, you’ll find a completely different biome with plenty of essential materials for creating Lego Fortnite weapons. It’s also home to many pickaxe-wielding skeletons, spiders, rollers, and scorpions. Be sure that when you enter the cave, you have a fresh sword and shield equipped. You should also bring a bunch of torches with you, as it gets very dark.

The other key thing to know about Lego Fortnite caves is that they have multiple exits. This can be handy to escape from a horde of pursuing skeletons, but make sure you check the map as you emerge to see where you are in relation to your Lego Fortnite village, as you may have a long hike back to base camp.

There are plenty of other biomes to explore besides the Lego Fortnite caves, each filled with all sorts of Fortnite animal items to loot. You may also find on your travels some rarer items, such as Lego Fortnite flexwood and Lego Fortnite amber, that need uncommon tools to be extracted from their source.