LG put a flexible OLED panel on a rotating chair and it looks like a great gaming setup

CES 2022 is well-known as the palce for companies to show off their latest innovations with crazy concept designs, but LG might have already stolen the shoiw.

The LG Media Chair

We’re less than two weeks away from CES 2022, but some companies simply can’t help themselves and are already teasing what they’ll bring to the show. LG might have something special on its hands with its absurd answer to the equally ridiculous question: what if someone stuck the best gaming monitor onto the best gaming chair?

Introducing the LG Media Chair, a reclining seat that comes with a flexible 55-inch LG OLED TV built-in to the curved frame. The screen features a 1,500R curve and Cinematic Sound OLED tech that vibrates the display’s glass to create sound rather than relying on a set of speakers.

As you might expect, the chair isn’t ordinary, either. At the touch of a button on the armrest, you can switch the display between a horizontal and vertical orientation. Combine this with the ability to rotate the screen in tandem with the chair so it’s always eye-level, and you have an even deeper immersion that could genuinely be one of the best ways to experience classic arcade rail shooters, driving games, and flight simulators.

Alas, like most products at CES that are this level of bonkers, the LG Media Chair is just a concept for now, and not something you can actually buy. We dread to think of the price if you could. Still, you might be able to recreate the ultimate Forza Horizon 5 OLED gaming PC setup that LG also produced earlier this year if you’ve the inclination.

In terms of gaming PC hardware at CES 2022, the first day is crammed with announcements. We expect AMD to reveal more information on its Zen 3+ CPUs, Nvidia to lift the lid on its RTX 3090 Ti graphics card, and Intel to come in swinging with a range of new CPUs.