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Your next OLED gaming monitor could be both 1080p and 4K, thanks to LG

Even though the first monitor with a 'Dual-Mode' OLED panel is yet to launch, LG is putting more money into manufacturing these screens.

An LG UltraGear monitor, featuring a Dual-Mode OLED panel

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to buy an OLED gaming monitor, LG is adding another one to the list and it could be the biggest shakeup for the panel technology since QD-OLED. Dubbed ‘Dual-Mode’, we may soon be staring at screens that support not one, but two, resolutions and refresh rates.

Try as manufacturers might, there is no single best gaming monitor for every type of gamer owing to differing priorities of resolution and refresh rate, not forgetting technological limitations. However, displays equipped with LG Dual-Mode OLED panels could lead us to decidedly more versatile screens that will please casual and competitive players alike.

Currently, there are no Dual-Mode OLED monitors on the market, although LG has already announced the 32GS95UE-B that uses this type of panel. This 32-inch display operates with a resolution and refresh rate configuration of 4K at 240Hz but can drop down to 1080p in order to jump to 480Hz.

This meagre selection could soon expand considerably, though, as LG has announced plans to mass produce its Dual-Mode OLED panels, via a recent press release. While some will undoubtedly populate monitors made by the manufacturer, they will also be at the heart of potential partner screens from Asus, Corsair, and others.

It’s unclear when we should expect to see the great explosion Dual-Mode OLED monitors, but we’d be surprised if they’re available this year – CES in Jan 2025 could be natural launching pad for these products. Naturally, this technology will come at a cost, as evidenced by the unpopular 32GS95UE-B price, but this should come down as the technology matures (as standard WOLED and QD-OLED panels have).

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