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Best Lies of P legion arms

The best Lies of P legion arms are invaluable in this incredibly difficult Soulslike, adding abilities that quickly become priceless.

Best Lies of P legion arms: Rosa Isabelle Street.

What are the best Lies of P legion arms? Because these combat augments take over an entire appendage, Pinocchio can only equip one legion arm at a time. Being a puppet, that’s not quite as terrifying as it sounds – but there are a lot of different options, all of which are best suited to different situations.

So we’ll go through the best legion arms in Lies of P, but make sure you’re combining the knowledge here with our guides to the best Lies of P weapons and the best Lies of P amulets because you won’t be able to get to the end of the game without a well-oiled build. Especially when you see some of the Lies of P bosses you’ll need to take down.

These are the best Lies of P legion arms:

  • Aegis – best overall
  • Flamberge – best against infected
  • Fulminis – best against puppets
  • Falcon Eyes – best for agile builds
  • Puppet String – best for standard enemies

Best Lies of P legion arms: The stats and abilities for the Aegis arm.

Aegis – best overall

  • Ability: Blocks enemy attacks and explodes upon contact, damaging the enemy
  • Key stat: Motivity/Technique
  • Weight: 12.4

Kicking things off is the legion arm that is best suited to a variety of situations, most notably tough bosses. The Aegis legion arm is what you should be using to block when fighting any notoriously difficult bosses, rather than the standard guard. As soon as the Aegis arm blocks an attack, it explodes, dealing damage to the enemy.

Start upgrading the Aegis arm and it gets even better. The first upgrade allows you to still attack while guarding, which is a must-have as soon as you have a legion caliber. The second and third upgrades are less essential, but in the late game, you need every advantage you can get. For two legion calibers, you can parry with the Aegis arm as long as you have a Fable slot left, whereas the final upgrade for three legion calibers allows you to charge it up for a powerful attack after blocking a hit.

Best Lies of P legion arms: The stats and abilities for the Flamberge arm.

Flamberge – best against infected

  • Ability: Turns your arm into a flamethrower
  • Key stat: Advance
  • Weight: 8.2

When you get past Venigni’s Factory in Lies of P, you’ll start facing a new kind of enemy on the Path of Misery: infected. These charming folks are vulnerable to fire damage, which is where the Flamberge comes in very handy indeed. Hold down the legion arm key and you’ll fire flames in front of you until it runs out or you get hit.

The upgrades are pretty simple, but absolutely worth it if you’re struggling against infected enemies. The first upgrade simply increases the attack range, while the second increases the damage it does after a certain time continuously using the Flamberge. The third upgrade is certainly the most powerful, as it causes an explosion after you fire continuously for enough time, but it’s also difficult to pull off without being hit depending on the enemy you’re facing off against.

Best Lies of P legion arms: The stats and abilities for the Fulminis arm.

Fulminis – best against puppets

  • Ability: Fires an electric blast
  • Key stat: Motivity/Advance
  • Weight: 7.9

While Flamberge is great against infected, Fulminis is the best legion arm against other puppets, as they’re weak to electricity damage. Fulminis starts off a bit poor, as it doesn’t have the best range and you’re stuck in place while it charges, but upgrade it once and you can move while it charges.

Upgrade it again and it emits small sparks of electricity in the immediate vicinity, damaging any enemies that get too close. The third upgrade allows you to charge the arm for much longer, resulting in a vastly more powerful blast.

Best Lies of P legion arms: The stats and abilities for the Falcon Eyes arm.

Falcon Eyes – best for agile builds

  • Ability: Fires armor-piercing shells from a distance that explode after landing
  • Key stat: Technique
  • Weight: 10.8

While Bloodborne has various firearms the Hunter can utilize, for all its similarities, Lies of P does not. Until you get your hands on the Falcon Eyes legion arm, that is. It’s by no means as quick to use as a gun in Bloodborne, as it’s more like a sticky grenade launcher, but it is excellent if you’re putting some distance between you and your target to heal, but want to deal damage at the same time.

Get some upgrades in there and you’ll really start to cook. The first upgrade simply increases the explosion radius; useful when you’re using it outside of boss fights. The second and third upgrades are where it gets tasty though, as the second allows you to fire a successive shot immediately after the first, while the third lets you fire while dodging. Unbeatable.

Best Lies of P legion arms: The stats and abilities for the Puppet String arm.

Puppet String – best during the early game

  • Ability: Fires a wire at your enemy to pull them toward you or vice versa
  • Key stat: Technique
  • Weight: 8.5

The second legion arm you’ll unlock in the game and the first that can be upgraded, Puppet String is actually a very reliable legion arm. It can pull enemies that are light enough towards you, or if you use it on any particularly heavy foes, you’ll zoom toward them to close the distance. Against standard enemies, the former is useful to prevent them from winding up an attack, whereas against bosses, the latter is great if there’s an opportunistic moment to strike but you’re not close enough.

The first upgrade allows you to track an enemy, which doesn’t do too much, while the second lets you dodge immediately after the Puppet String connects. The third upgrade is where it gets even more exciting though, because you can trigger a link attack, sending Pinocchio up into the sky, crashing down on top of your foe for devastating damage.

All Lies of P legion arms

Here are all of the legion arms in Lies of P:

  • Left Arm of Steel
  • Puppet String
  • Fulminis
  • Flamberge
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • Pandemonium
  • Aegis
  • Falcon Eyes

That’s all there is to the best legion arms in Lies of P. Want some more help? Check out our guide on how to respec in Lies of P, along with how to farm Lies of P Star Fragments if you need some more to take on a boss.