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How to farm Lies of P Star Fragments

Lies of P Star Fragments are an essential resource in this Soulslike, as they let you summon a specter to help during boss fights, so here's how to farm more.

Lies of P Star Fragments: the protagonist holds a glowing blue butterfly

How do you get more Lies of P Star Fragments? At the start of the game, you’ll start acquiring Star Fragments left, right, and center, but their purpose won’t be explained for a good while. This is because they’re used in boss fights, but the first two you encounter don’t let you use them. From the Scrapped Watchman fight onwards, you can use a Star Fragment at a Crack’s Calling, which is a glowing blue bowl next to the boss entry. This will summon a specter that will help you in battle.

There are a lot of Lies of P bosses to take on throughout Krat, and if you hit a wall with a tough one like I did with Fallen Archbishop Andreus, you’ll need to farm some Star Fragments. So with the best Lies of P weapons in tow, here is where you can get loads of Star Fragments in Lies of P in no time at all.

Lies of P Star Fragments: Loot after killing the enemy.

Where to farm Star Fragments

You can farm Star Fragments in Lies of P by traveling to the Krat City Courtyard, then killing the big puppet on all fours next to where you find baby Elena. 

This enemy will drop a Star Fragment 99% of the time – and sometimes some extra loot – upon death. We say 99% because after running this route for almost an hour straight, with each run taking just two or three minutes, there were only two occasions a Star Fragment didn’t drop.

If you’re confused about where to go, simply fast travel to the Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer, where you defeated the Scrapped Watchman boss after rescuing Geppetto from the Mad Donkey. Turn around and run back through city hall, dealing with the two enemies wielding swords. Look to your left as you leave the other side of the building and you will see a larger enemy, pounding the ground. Approach him and he’ll notice you – kill him and he’ll drop a Star Fragment.

Lies of P Star Fragments: The enemy who drops a Star Fragment most of the time.

This route is also very quick and excellent if you need to earn some ergo to level up. We were earning around 500 ergo per run, so by the time we went back to the hotel, we had enough for quite a few levels. Of course, this is best suited to players still in the relatively early game, but it can be helpful later down the line too if you want a mindless run to buff your character.

That’s all you need to know! Make sure you check out our guide on how to respec in Lies of P if you want to redistribute your stats. Our guide on Lies of P Quartz also explains exactly how you can get more of it.