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Lies of P dev addresses “game-breaking bug” that halts progression

Neowiz Games has just revealed that Lies of P has a game-breaking Chapter 2 bug and provided a temporary fix for players until a patch is released.

Lies of P boss with a mechanical build reminiscent of nutcrackers or toy soldiers stands with his mouth gaping and eyes glowing red

Lies of P has only just released, and it’s already one of the most unique RPG game launches this year. Neowiz Games has crafted a Bloodborne-esque soulslike that places us in the shoes of Pinnochio himself, a character most remember from childhood stories. Instead of a fairytale world, you’ll traverse a wickedly dark setting where Pinnochio must battle his way through mechanical monstrosities. Unfortunately, you may not make it far as the Lies of P developer just revealed a game-breaking bug in Chapter 2.

As further detailed in our Lies of P review, Neowiz has meticulously crafted an immersive clockwork adventure filled with challenging bosses. If you’ve made it to the game’s second chapter, you’ll want to keep an eye on one boss-related bug in particular. “Currently, we have identified a bug that can halt the game’s progression in Chapter 2,” the developer writes about the newly discovered problem.

While the dev has no current resolution, the issue is under investigation currently for a full fix. For the time being, Neowiz recommends some preventative guidelines to follow. “Before defeating the Chapter 2 Boss the ‘Scrapped Watchman,’ if the players attempt to enter locked rooms within Hotel Krat a game-breaking bug may occur preventing further game progression.”

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Neowiz’s message insinuates that you should avoid trying to get into any locked rooms while exploring Hotel Krat prior to fighting the chapter’s boss, the Scrapped Watchman. The dev goes on to apologize for the bug, saying the team is sorry “for the inconvenience it might have caused and will continue to work on providing a better gameplay experience as soon as possible.”

With all the difficult Lies of P bosses present in-game, it’s unfortunate that the one affected by the bug is a main-story encounter and not a part of an optional fight. Many players seem to have made it past the second chapter, so the issue may not present itself in your own save. However, we’d recommend following the dev’s current guidelines before a patch drops just in case.

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