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How to respec in Lies of P

You'll need to commit to your character build in Lies of P for quite a while, because the ability to respec your stats does not arrive until much later.

How to respec in Lies of P: Pinocchio looking into the camera.

How do you respec in Lies of P? This Soulslike, as you’d expect from the genre, is hard as nails. Early on in the game, you may be unsure of the build you want to go for as you learn the mechanics and how things work, which means being able to respec your stats is a very welcome addition. However, it doesn’t turn up for quite a while.

There are plenty of Lies of P bosses you may get stuck against, including the monstrosity that is Fallen Archbishop Andreus, but you’re out of luck if you want to change your build until much further into the game. You’ll need to go away and farm Lies of P Star Fragments and Ergo if you want to level up to beat the boss, rather than changing your existing build. There are some minor spoilers in this guide for one of the Lies of P bosses and a mechanic you unlock later down the line, so proceed with caution.

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Can you respec in Lies of P?

To respec in Lies of P, you must exchange Gold Coin Fruits with the Saintess of Mercy Statue which isn’t unlocked until you beat Champion Victor. 

Champion Victor is the seventh main boss in the game, coming after the King of Puppets, so you have a long way to go before you can respec.

Once you beat Champion Victor, you must use the key he drops to unlock a door in a room shortly before the boss arena. The Saintess of Mercy Statue can be found in here, and exchanging Gold Coin Fruits will allow you to respec. This includes any stats you’ve leveled up with Ergo, P-Organs you’ve invested Quartz into, and any Legion Arms you’ve upgraded.

One thing to bear in mind is that each time you respec, the cost to respec again increases. So when you do it, be certain that the new build is what you want to go for, otherwise, it can quickly get very expensive.

Now you know how to respec in Lies of P, read up on our guides to the best Lies of P amulets and the best Lies of P legion arms, both of which will carry you through the game if you’re struggling.