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Lies of P already has a million players, and it’s just a demo

Lies of P is proving its popularity as its demo continues to fly high, with over one million downloads and hundreds of thousands of Twitch viewers.

Lies of P has already convinced me of its brilliance and its release date isn’t for another few months. From its gorgeous steampunk aesthetic to its terrifying overtone, Lies of P is one of those upcoming releases I simply can’t keep out of my mind. I’m not the only one infatuated with the RPG game, though, as the developers have just shared that Lies of P has already achieved over one million downloads – and it isn’t even out yet. This is thanks to the beta, which is currently open to prospective players.

With the Lies of P release date quickly approaching, excited fans have been especially eager to hop into the game’s beta to see what the hype is all about. This has led to the game receiving over a million downloads in under a week. Not only have players been scrambling to get a taste of Lies of P, but they have also been browsing a variety of Twitch streams showcasing the game. Lies of P has hit over 170,000 peak viewers on the streaming platform and has also been in the top three trending search terms on Twitter.

The Lies of P beta opened on Friday, June 9, and will last through to Tuesday, June 27, giving you a decent amount of time to experience all of its soulslike glory before the game fully launches on Tuesday, September 19. You can hop into the beta yourself right now by going here. It’s important to note that you must be connected online to access the demo.

An image showcasing Lies of P's achievements thus far, from its downloads to its views on Twitch

As someone infatuated with twisted versions of fairytales, I can’t wait to see how Pinnochio is transformed as he is forced to take on terrifying monsters and traverse through the cursed city of Krat. From mystery to lies, the web that master Geppetto’s puppet is tangled within is extensive and it won’t be easy getting out of it. I can only hope I spend more time experiencing the intricate story than I do dying, though (knowing myself and how well I handle combat).

If you are just excited about Lies of P as I am, then you should first make sure your PC can run the game properly. You can check out the Lies of P system requirements to find out. While you wait to learn more about Lies of P, be sure to also browse through some of our most highly anticipated upcoming PC games for a better idea of what else this year has in store. Alternatively, look at a few of the best games like Dark Souls that are already out and ready for your enjoyment.