Does Lies of P have multiplayer co-op?

If you’re looking to turn the fiercest mechanical behemoths of Krat to scrap metal in Lies of P multiplayer, we’ve got the official word on co-op.

Lies of P: Pinocchio uses his legion arm's puppet string ability to incapacitate a hostile puppet wearing a top hat, as another in a maid's outfit advances from behind.

Does Lies of P have multiplayer or co-op? Life’s tough when you’re a sentient puppet with a penchant for lying, made even tougher when you’re pitted against hordes of automatons that have received the classic FromSoftware treatment from developers Round8 Studio. If you’re looking for a fighting chance against these enemies, you might wish to partake in some jolly cooperation in this reimagining of Carlo Collodi’s classic fairytale.

While Lies of P is as much a single-player game as the most popular Souls-likes in the genre, you might be wondering if there’s any way to bring a friend along in multiplayer or co-op when going up against the mechanical menace roaming the city of Krat. Given Lies of P’s length, a little bit of assistance might help you reach the end credits with less chance of getting stuck along the way. To ensure you’re prepared for the Lies of P release date, we’ve got all the answers.

Does Lies of P have multiplayer?

Lies of P does not have multiplayer or co-op and Round8 Studio has given no indication that we can expect this to be implemented in the future. However, you can summon an AI helper if you’re stuck.

This may come as a disappointment if you tend to rely on your pals to help you through difficult encounters in other Souls-like games. However, if you’re desperately in need of a helping hand while facing off against Lies of P bosses, you can spend a Star Fragment at the magic basin outside the boss room to awaken a Specter. This AI helper that can deal supplemental damage and draw aggro on the battlefield. While it won’t be as effective as a real player, it’ll certainly afford you some breathing room to heal or reposition yourself if needed.

With no chance of Lies of P multiplayer or a separate co-op mode on the cards, you only have yourself to rely on while you’re exploring the streets of Krat. To refine your build, brush up on our collection of the best Lies of P legions arms and Lies of P weapons to keep you alive. Alternatively, check out the Lies of P cut content and early details about a Lies of P Bloodborne mod which swaps out Pinocchio in favor of FromSoftware’s cleaver-wielding Hunter.