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How to get Lies of P Quartz

Lies of P Quartz is essential as it provides the biggest upgrades in the game when you spend it on P-Organs, but getting more of it is no easy task.

Lies of P Quartz: Sophia facing the camera when you enter the hotel for the first time.

How do you get Quartz in Lies of P? This rare material is an essential addition to Pinocchio’s inventory, and vital in completing phases of your P-Organ. If you want to become a real boy, you’ll have to learn how to gather quartz, and fast.

The P-Organ includes plenty of helpful perks for your Lies of P playthrough but unfortunately, you need Quartz to unlock them, and that doesn’t come easily. So while you may be using the best Lies of P weapons to beat all the Lies of P bosses, here’s what you need to know about how to get more Quartz.

Lies of P Quartz: The P-Organs screen where you can unlock upgrades.

How to get Quartz in Lies of P?

Quartz in Lies of P is acquired by completing side quests, killing specific bosses, and finding secrets. Therefore, unlike Lies of P Star Fragments, it is impossible to farm Quartz by killing the same enemies over and over.

Some main bosses drop Quartz – the Parade Master right at the start of the game drops one, for example. So does the Scrapped Watchman, after you rescue Geppetto. You are also awarded Quartz by successfully answering the first Arlecchino riddle and finding the Trinity Room in Venigni’s Factory, alongside the Blue Blood’s Tailcoat.

There are also side quests you can complete, such as giving items to specific NPCs or performing gestures – most of these quests are secret in the sense they’re not tracked anywhere, but completing them can reward Quartz.

There is a limited quantity of Quartz you can find throughout Lies of P, which means you can’t unlock all of the P-Organ abilities in your first playthrough. While you can change your picks once you know how to respec in Lies of P, that doesn’t come for a while so make sure you choose the abilities you’re certain you want.

Completing phases of the P-Organ will unlock the next phase, with five phases in total. If you invest enough Quartz to complete a phase, you’ll unlock a special hidden perk.

That’s all there is to know about Quartz in Lies of P. Make sure you’re following our guides to the best Lies of P legion arms and the best Lies of P amulets if you’re wondering how to maximize your build.